Okay Wally message from Emptyset

Hey Wally. Okay if you would have listen to me and traded Geroy a few years ago we would not be in this position now. A few very good Canadian offensive and maybe a Canadian defensive lineman would have done the job this year. Maybe even a good tough Canadian receiver too. More import spots to play with. Stay with the roots... you and I know what wins games! But I understand the pressure of Geroy cheerleaders in BC and marketing purposes so all is forgiven. Trying times losing Wake,Mallet ,Logan... no doubt hard to replace...yes we have been spoiled. By the way thanks for replacing Glatt at the middle...good move would have liked to keep him in BC but understandable.

Now you know that I have been calling for Jacques Champtelaines head for a few years now. Finally the average football fan is starting to realize this. Listen you know and I know that it's probably to late to do this now to make a significant difference. Should have been done at the beginning. But here is my message to you....if Anthony Calvillo retires next year you do everything in your power to make him your offensive co ordinate. Time to get an EX QB and not a EX receiver to run the offence. You shore up the trenches and we will be fine. I know that many have tried to out coach the coach this year but let's not out GM the GM!


My my my lots of infighting ,some name calling, finger pointing, some cooler heads coming in to calm things down...love this! Don't love the direction this team is going! Having said that not all is lost. Wally I love you man! Like Clint said "We've chewed the same dirt!" It pains me to hear people ask you to step down. You know and I know that changing Chappy now is not wise so no need to entertain that thought. But take note of what I said about his replacement above for next season. :wink: In the meantime continue to do what you need to do to mask the real issues and hopefully we can squeeze into a playoff position. You know what has to be done off and on the field.

On a lighter note dam that pulled pork bun last game ran through me like it bypassed me digestive system. Spent three trips in that porta potti and each time felt like my large and small intestines were coming out! :frowning: Secondly what's with the Felions diaper shorts. I had to buy six extra tickets( had to move from my regular seasons) for out of town friends in front of them. Each year they have the most unflattering bottoms in the league on relative decent looking young ladies! What's up with that? :stuck_out_tongue: