Okay the season is over now, time for changes.

The season and any hopes of anything other than a crossover hope are pretty well gone.
Can we:

Cut Marsh send him packing and try anyone else in his position? If he played baseball and was an outfielder, he would let pop flys drop in front of him so he could control them better, just like every receiver he covers, let them catch it in front of me then I'll try and tackle them.

Drop Smart as a kick returner....he's not happy?....well the way he runs back kicks neither are Lions fans...cut him now

Grice-Mullen, cut him, sure he has speed, but he can't cut, can't dodge a tackle, and obviously can't catch a pass. Time to bring in anytone ....to return kicks.

Can we try to trade Jackson to Totronto, they have Jopeph sitting around doing nothing?, Jackson could be the second coming of Michael Bisahop for Toronto....Shhhhh don't tell THEM that. Bishop here with Simon, P.Jackson, Arsenaux, etc as receivers and with his running and Mallett.....maybe a crossover sould happen? Jackson has no clue how to "toss" a pass, if he can't "cannon" it he has no touch whatsoever. honestly if it wasn't for Simon, this game wasn't even close. How many dropped balls....just out of reach this game? ( for the Lions) the Al's had them on the money, the differeence between a first string qb ( Calvillo) and a backup wannabe ( J.Jackson).

It's a sad day when you think about we lost Murphy a perenial allstar, and replaced him with "a" Heerspink....who I'm sure is on the tip of the tongue of every one voting for all stars this year.

Wally finish the year it's a lost cause anyway, get your 1 more win, nobody in your lifetime will catch you, so you can die happy, but please kick yourself upstairs next year. or maybe just retire, enjoy some nice Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and take it easy.

Sucker me I will continue to hope, continue to wish that the Lions would do SOMETHING to make the fans want to support them. But the won't, and like the sheep we are we will continue to follow them.

Wow you seriously fail. No hope of a crossover? Season is totally over? You best be trollin' or you don't know a damn thing about football, little or not counting. I hope you don't really call yourself a Lions fan.

I'm not going to comment on everything that is just wrong about PP's post, but I will say, there is a strong argument that JJ is going to be a good starter. The coaches are starting to design plays for JJ and not making JJ run plays that where designed for Pierce. JJ has improved a lot in just 3 games and looks like he'll even get better. JJ is not Bishop, Bishop has proven he has a hard time believing that the offensive coach knows what he is talking about, JJ is at least trying to work on the parts he is having trouble with.

Jarious made a lot of the right throws and read the defense pretty well. If it was not for a few perfectly thrown balls dropped by receivers we come out with a win (rollie lomballa wide open for one). The amount of improvements made in the last two weeks against montreal are vast. The defensive line is getting and maintaining pressure and the linebackers have picked up their game against the run. If we can finish the year strong and make or exceed .500 they will be in good shape going into the playoffs

Wow you seriously fail. No hope of a crossover? Season is totally over? You best be trollin' or you don't know a damn thing about football, little or not counting. I hope you don't really call yourself a Lions fan
Unfortunately you're very wrong, I've been a fan since the mid 60's, and believe me I've been through the sad days of nameless players and sad sack teams. The last few years have been a nice respite, but Wally's ego is not letting him see what's in front of him. I will continue to be a fan through thick and thin, but when you are a fan you are welcome to express your displeasure since by buying my ticket I am paying the players wages. Jackson has no touch, he had Lumbada wide open and he had to stretch at a full run so far he couldn't make the catch, don't blame the receiver for that one. A few of the others, simple drop in passes with a light touch......again just out of reach, he did it to Wilson near the games end.

The front 7 of the Defence has picked it up a notch no doubt, but watch Marsh, he has no coverage, he doesn't bump and run, he just falls back lets them make the catch then contains, sorry but DB's are there to "attempt" to stop completions. Where was Marsh on teh touchdown pass.....again watching the receiver make the catch, oh wait he was just burned for a long one on the previous play, gee go back to the same DB?, why not.? On he 56 yarder to set up the winning TD, who let Watkins go, oh it was Marsh standing on the side of the field yelling at someone else to cover the man he let go, good communication again, he has a job and he doesn't do it.

If Jackson has improved so much , why on the last series when he was flushed to the sidelines didnt he toss it into the sidelines instead of stepping out for a 4 yard loss when they would have been 3rd and inches.? instead they where 3rd and 4+ for a first down.....Mental mistakes, he just doesnt get it. And who leads the league in interceptions?...Jackson, blame that on receivers dropping balls.

Isn't it Durant with 13? Followed by Kerry Joseph, Henry Burris, Ricky Ray, Buck Pierce and Michael Bishop. THEN Jackson with eight.

Anyway, the Lions won against, arguably, the best team in the league and then played them very competitively the next week at Molson Stadium. The team didn't play very well, Jackson didn't play well, but they were close to winning today. And while the Lions aren't having a very good season, you can't throw in the towel with eight games left and six of those against division opponents and the other two against Toronto and Winnipeg. They're four points back from first in the west and already have a two point lead on the crossover. This season is far from over.

Sorry my bad it's Lions combined Pierce and Jackson for 17 INT's...you're correct Durant leads in solo performance.

I figured that that was what you meant.