Okay its time to make our predictions

Yes Iàm a Bomber fan and no Iàm not trolling!!
Montreal is still the class of the east but I believe they will slip a bit this year.
Hamilton will definitely improve (fewer changes=more stability)
Winnipeg will stay the same ,depending on the secondary.
Toronto,I don`t know!!!

With no major injuries to any of the starting Quarterbacks,then perhaps:
Montreal 11-7
Hamilton 9-9
Winnipeg 8-10
Toronto 5-13

Hamilton-Winnipeg match ups will,in my opinion,determine 2nd and 3rd. Toss a coin everybody!
Let`s all relax,enjoy and may the best team win!!

Predicting 10 or less wins is a bit of an insult, imo, and more than a little ignorant. A couple of missed FGs and a dropped pass and Ham. would have 11/12 wins last year.

The addition of DeAngelis alone ....

Very good points. :thup:

Hamilton: 12-6 play host MTL in EDF, anyones game from there.

Montreal - 12-6
Hamilton - 10-8
Winnipeg - 7-11
Toronto - 4-14

Edmonton - 10-8
B.C. - 9-9
Saskatchewan - 8-10
Calgary - 7-11

Apart from losing Chiu there isn't a whole lot changing with Montreal. They still have a deadly offense with Calvillo, Colbourne & Cahoon. Hamilton has only improved and now with Porter out of the start and a more consistent place kicker, we are going to do very well. I think Winnipeg's success is completely dependent on Buck Pierce staying healthy and I think with how good the Al's D.Line and our Linebackers are, one of the two teams will take him out and ruin Winnipeg's season. I also think releasing Sideeq Shabazz was a huge mistake, and this year teams are going to be all over Fred Reid. Toronto is clearly in rebuilding mode and aren't going anywhere. Cleo Lemon doesn't impress me for a starting QB, their O.Line doesn't impress me either. Defense is still as strong as ever, but you can't consistently win on just Defense and a good kicker.

For the West Calgary has lost a lot of talent due to retirements and are struggling to get enough Canadian players. The ones they do bring in will likely be the weakest links, and losing Sandro isn't good either. Sask has also lost some talent and still don't really have a solid running game. That and Durant I think will be hard pressed to do as well he did last season. B.C. lost Martell Mallett which is a terrible loss to endure they'll do the same I think. Edmonton I think has been a sleeper this off season. They came close last season, a lot of people aren't giving Ricky Ray credit and I think they've tweaked the team just enough to succeed. However as always the West will be close.

I don't want to think that I could come up with an accurate prediction of win/loss counts at the end of the season.

On the other hand, I do agree with a lot of what's been written and rationalised in this thread (though there are some things that I disagree with too!)

Montreal is still riding on AC's abilities, , but losing Brian Chiu is a bit mor than just losing and outstanding individual...its like losing, and trying to find, a Line Captain. AC himself is getting older, and both his backups were nicked in the Toronto pre-season game. Cahoun and their recievers are another year older, and perhaps a step slower or at least a bit more predictable. Trestman inherited an outstanding team, but sooner or later is going to find his guys just don't heal up as fast as they used to...

The dark blue jobs are in a world of hurt. Their coaching brought in KJ last year, and was unable to build an offense around his capabilities; let AB3 go his way to us (for which we must be gratefull)(but it was still dumb). Can an NFL type QB shine in the CFL? Well, yes. Flutie, Moon and such...but of course, there aen't many that can convert from four down to three in a short period, let alone the larger field, the different rules, the extra man and so on in a month of practise, so I think Lemon will not enjoy a lot of early season success.

I think the Cats have a good QB in Glenn, and guys like Danny Mac being available are going to grow this guy. QP I am less sure of, as I see little improvement from last year. AT will be the go to back up. Some really good "growth" in the team, and full marks for OB and Caretaker. We might get to the Cup this year, but if not, its a great bet for 2011. Our 2010 Defensive side is going to be great.

Winnipeg has got issues. IF, and its a big "if" their QB tandem holds together, and their coaching doesn't get too crazy, they may do better than everyone wants to predict. TSN is sure talking that way, but it does mean that a lot of good luck has to be with them, and I don't believe in "luck". Still! They will finish ahead of Toronto, and that should bring a warm and fuzzy moment to any Ti-Cat fan...even if they are the light blue jobs...

Saskatchewan is arguably the most powerful fan base in the universe, and their head coach is no dummy...they lost the Cup off a dumb move and he's going to want to motivate them to correct that. Losing Baggs and Chick to the NFL? Well bring in the next CFL stars...Durant is not a bad QB..Running backs are not hard to acquire...that team can and will "contend" in the West, and we don't want to face them in the frozen tundra of Commonwealth Stadium in November!

Calgary has a lot of issues. But some good players remain, and they have the potential to fix these things, I just don't see them getting it done in 2010. I would not be surprised to hear of them trading for Cdn talent as they try to rebuild, and with our depth in that regard, OB had better be on his toes...

Edmonton has "Freto" Raye at QB, and that guy is a gamer! A club with an enormous tradition of building dynasties, but we will continue to wonder whether it will be Dr Jeckyll or Mr Hyde that shows up at the ballpark....an inegma for 2010...apt to be the crossover team if Wpg doesn't get it together....

BC is a real puzzler...a loose cannon coming back as QB, will Printers show what he had years ago, or is he a lost piece of work? Some of the best coaching in the League with Buono at the helm, but lots of good guys gone and lots of new guys in. Can't see them at the top of the West, but they're not going to be at the bottom, either. What's the weather going to be in October/November? Can these guys play in the cold?

"On any given Sunday" a team can rise up or fail bitterly.

OB and MB have given us "Hope"; we have internal "Faith", and with a little "luck" coupled with hard work, the Cats will receive some "Charity" of games with the blue teams and the Stamps and/or Esks...it all starts in a week!

Fully agree.

If the cards fall right there is no reason this team can’t actually get those 11-12 wins this year.

Hamilton and Montreal will be figting for 1st the entire season. Hamilton will finish 11-7. Cahoon and Calvillo have lost a step from last yr. This will be their undoing in the eastern final against Hamilton.
Hamilton Vs. Calgary for the cup, if Glenn is healthy Hamilton wins.

Could not agree more. I'm feeling that this is the year Hamilton takes first in the East. Montreal will be close behind but I'm thinking they have lost a step or two and it will show this year. In saying this however, I would not be surprised if Montreal has another outstanding start and builds up such a strong lead that they hold on to first. Should be a great year.

Alright ive been waiting for this and ive had it in my head for so long heres goes

tORONTO 5-13

BC 12-6
SASK 11-7




Good luck all lets check back after the cats hold the parade :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

The Ticats should win (barring major injuries) 11-14 games this year. So will Montreal...easily. The Bummers will be lucky to get to 8 wins but should grab the final East Division playoff spot. The Argos will not win 5 games....

Whoever wins the East will depend on who wins the season series between the Als and Ticats. Thats why its gonna be sooo much more important for Ticats fans to sell out the Montreal games and provide a homefield advantage. The Cats will need the help to get over the hump...but the potential is there this year more than ever.

The West is a complete toss up. All have pretty potent offences. The Stamps and RR's have re-tooled D-fences so that could prove to be costly. The Lions lost Foley and Armour and they were their best players on D in the playoffs.

The Cats should play the Als in the East final and win with a S. DeAngelis field goal and play the Stamps in the Grey Cup....again....and the TiCats should win the CUp this year.

And Im a Ticats fan, but the above is totally unbiased. I truly feel the Cats can and will be the elite this year. We will see what happens.

This season will see a change in the standing from the last decade of Montreal dominating , I predict


Montreal -Cavilo and Cahoon will decline in production!


Ednonton- will gain crossover playoff game vs the Bombers

Alouettes: 12-6 Not as good as last year but still the best
Ticats: 10-8 Not as good as everyone thinks they are but still solid
Bombers: 10-8 Could be higher if Pierce stays healthy
Argos: 3-15 Might be generous giving them 3 wins

Riders: 11-7 No running game but should still win the West
Eskimos: 11-7 D should be improved
Stamps: 8-10 Receiving corp & OL are question marks
Lions: 7-11 I just don't think they'll be very good

I don't think ppl are giving WPG enough credit. If they had Pierce instead of Bishop in the last regular season game then they beat us. Our outlook would be quite different right now. it's easy to forget that we won due to Bishop's mistakes and ineffectiveness, rather than our offense or defense.

we play the BB 4 times early, a lot will be clearer after we see the first gm which I'm afraid we will lose in WPG. the preseason gm against wpg was very misleading wo 12 of their starters. I'm afraid we'll be over confident.

No offence, but these guys have been "losing a step" for so many years now, that they must be running backwards...

Of course any #1 QB going down, for more than a game or two, is likely to make a huge difference. But, with no crystal ball on that ...... I'm predicting:

MTL - 13 & 5
HAM - 11 & 7
WPG - 8 & 10
TOR - 4 & 14

ALL western teams - 9 & 9 with the tie-breaker order of finish -- BC, SASK, EDM, CAL

Your first paragraph makes no real sense at all. Why would the exact same game be played by us and a way better one played by the bombers just cause of Pierce. It'd be entirely differen't, you couldn't say that we'd lose or win.

The team shouldn't be overconfident, your right about that but it's alright to have all the confidence in the world if your a fan. So dont worry WE'LL SMOKE THE BOMBERS on July 2nd

As far as not playing there starters, I agree with them there starters blow, I wouldn't play them either. Are you really that scared of the mighty Brock Ralph?

I think the Cats will have a much better team than a lot of people think. Defensively we could have the best in the league. Greg Marshall is a good coach and with the stability from last year and a few improvements here and there they will be a tough bunch to beat. On offence, we have some decent depth at quarterback, a fine receiving corps and a pretty good running back, that should all add up a very positive season.
In Montreal, if anything happens to Calvillo the Als are done. His body is not as resilient as it use to be and any injury could turn into something extended. If AC can stay healthy all year I still don't think they will be as good as Hamilton.
Toronto is in a state of disarray. They have a new coaching staff and qb and a bunch of other new players, they'll be lucky to win 5 games.
Winnipeg has similar problems as those of Toronto. They have a new coaching staff and a new qb, albeit he is a proven starter but injuries will be his demise. If Pierce gets banged around and suffers another concussion his career could be in jeopardy.

I predict:
Hamilton 14 - 4
Montreal 9 - 9
Winnipeg 8 - 10
Toronto 5 - 13

As for the west it would be fun to see complete parity and have everyone with the same record.

BC 9-9
Edmonton 9-9
Calgary 9-9
Saskatchewan 9-9

A lot of very confident fans in preseason, but as predicted the road to the Grey cup runs throw Montreal. This has to be true until some team proves different. We have a good chance to prove that. :smiley: :thup:

AC and Montreal are still very big road blocks for anyone heading to the Grey Cup.