Okay its time to make our predictions

Okay I'll throw out my predictions in for the 2010 season

East - Hamilton - 13-5
Montreal - 12- 6
Winnepeg - 8-10
Toronto - 6-12

West - B.C. - 11-7
Saskatchewan - 10-8 (head to head winner)
Calgary - 10-8
Edmonton - 7-11

East semi - Montreal over Winnipeg
East final - Hamilton over Montreal

West Semi - Calgary over Saskatchewan
West final - Calgary over B.C.

Grey Cup - Hamilton over Calgary

I may be slightly optimistic on the overall Ti-Cat record but I think we win the East. Kevin Glenn, Adam Tafralis and Quinton Porter give us the most depth at q.b. in the league in my opinion. Receiving corps A+ with ratio potential for even more. Injury to Jimenez - a red flag but fixable. The defense will be much better and playing at Ivor Wynne will once again be a miserable place for visiting teams. This is the year of the tiger.

By the way, does anyone else think we can pretty much clinch a playoff spot if we take care on our games against Winnipeg in the first few weeks? In Montreal if A.C. gets hurt their in huge trouble. In Winnipeg La Police is a good coach of a team that will improve unlike Montreal though if Piece gets hurt Jyles will be decent, not great but decent.

The Argos will be bad and in fact I may be being generous to them. I think everybody will feast on the Argos.

In the West Ricky Ray won't last and neither will the Eskimos. The rest are really pretty even in my opinion. Whoever gets the most from their star q.b. will determine the West in my opinion.

In the end after much to long the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will win Hamilton's 16th Grey Cup!!

Anyway, what are you predictions? The season is upon us!!!


  1. Hamilton (18-0)
  2. Montreal (13-5)
  3. Winnipeg (0-15-3)
  4. Toronto (0-15-3)

West is a toss-up. Won't matter anyway though because we smash whom ever we face in Edmonton.


Wow, and I thought I was optimistic!

Cats 11-7
The rest of the teams I do not care

I can't see any way this won't happen. Good job. :slight_smile:

Montreal 11-7
Ham 10-8
Tor 8-10- not as bad as people think they improved their 2 biggest weaknesses qb and receivers.
Win 6-12- Kelly and Bishop were thrown under the bus and blamed for everything in Winnipeg even the bad climate and mosquitos. IMO Kelly's weird schemes and Bishops rocket arm won them 3 more games than they should have.

B.C 10-8- last year they were rebuilding and a mess for most of the year yet still made the playoffs.
Ed 9-9
Sask 9-9
Cal 5-13- Bill Walsh is the only coach who can win with an oline as bad as this.

Montreal 13-5
Hamilton 10-7-1
Toronto 7-10-1
Winnipeg 3-15

Drexl, do you consider Lemon a serious CFL q.b.? Copeland I'll give you but the Argos need one if not two good q.b.'s and in a q.b. league that spells disaster. I seriously cannot see them being even remotely good.

Cue the bomber trolls any minute now.

Especially when they see my prediction. :smiley:

I think he has the proper attitude and work ethic to become a capable CFL qb and I said improved, I didn't say he's elite, just a lot better than Joseph.

This is how I see the Eastern Division standings. It is going to be a 2 team race between Montreal and Hamilton

Montreal 12-6 (will win the 1st place positon based on their head to head with Hamilton)
Hamilton 12-6
Winnipeg 8-10
Toronto 4-14


Fair enough, but to win eight games he'll have to get some help, it could happen but I think Pierce and Jyles in Winnipeg are better. Either way, I don't think neither team should challenge the Als and Tiger-Cats barring serious injuries. But as the old saying goes, that's why you play the games.

Montreal 14-4
Hamilton 10-8
Winnipeg 4-14
Toronto 2-1-13

West is a Toss up but they'll be a crossover

Montreal 11-7
Hamilton 10-8
Winnipeg 7-11
Toronto 6-12

An Argo-Cat fan

13 ties for Toronto?

The Cats will go 12-6 and finish second. They will beat Edmonton in the East Semi before heading to Montreal for a East Final showdown with the Als...where they will defeat the Als, then head to Edmonton and beat Sask. for the Grey Cup.

Impossible. The number of wins across the league must equal the number of losses.

Maybe in 2010 arithmetic won't rule. It makes it a lot easier to balance if you only predict the East!

East - Hamilton - 11-7
Montreal - 10- 8
Winnipeg - 9-9
Toronto - 7-11

West - B.C. - 10-8
Saskatchewan - 9-9 (head to head winner)
Calgary - 9-9
Edmonton - 7-11

Hamilton with the best overall record....

oh well
Oskee wee wee

barney: My thinking is close to yours but I would give Montreal and the Cats another win each and downgrade the blue team and Winnipeg by one win each. I don't think Winnipeg will be good enough to end the season with only three wins less than us.
As long as Calvillo and his potent offence are around, I would have to give them first place in the East this season.
I think we will be better than last season but not much. Still not sure about the O line and we do not have an explosive back but Cobb may get the job done. Glenn has a history of inconsistency. I hope that will end....especially with the great group of receivers we now have. I still don't think we are strong at the QB back-up spot. This is Porter's last opportunity to show what he can do I would think..... and Trafalis needs more work.
I think Greg Marshall will come up with a potent defense.
Next year could be a different story. So I'll hold off on first place predictions for the Tiger-Cats until then.

Alas math was not my forte. How about this:

East - Hamilton - 13-5
Montreal - 11- 7
Winnepeg - 7-11
Toronto - 6-12

West - B.C. - 11-7
Saskatchewan - 9-9 (head to head winner)
Calgary - 9-9
Edmonton - 6-12

I believe that adds up correctly at 72 wins and 72 losses. Doesn't really matter to me as long as Hamilton wins the last one of the year!!