Okay, I am really done with Hage now!

Again last nite, another 4 or 5 bad snaps that throws the timing off of our plays. All this guy does in practice and pregame is snap. Get him outta there.

Also, his 15 yard penalty for facemasking? Good thing Glenn bailed him out. We cannot accept that from an "experienced" veteran. That could have killed the momentum that we had just started to build.

Please MB, start someone else!

Not the most skilled guy in the world obviously but probably, I don't know, good enough combined with his locker room presence and community work. As I say, I don't know. :?

Amazing, all those in the know (i.e. Dwayne Ford, TSN crew) think he is the best center in the league.

I did see a couple of bad snaps but thought he played a pretty good game.

Hes a good hard nose center he'll get the snapping down.( legalize Marwan) :thup:


By Thursday?

He has quite a bit to look after as centre. I too think he has done a Good Job!

Sure, he has screwed up a few snaps, but our O'line is VASTLY IMPROVED this year and besides, "the last guy that walked this earth that was perfect, got crucified", so let's not blame him for something less than perfection! :wink:

Since your done with him now who do you suggest we replace him with?

He brings a lot to the table such as leadership, experience and knowledge. I will agree though that he has to get his fundamentals down pat. His shotgun snaps need a lot of work. We're going to be in serious trouble when the ball is wet and the QB has his bad snaps slip through their out-stretched hands. Porter's
quick reflexes saved a few disasters already.

I'm impressed with his community work regarding kids........that's priceless work!

More bad snaps again tonite. This guy is throwing the timing off of our vanilla offense.

EVERY center has a few bad snaps each game. Hage is an outstanding blocker and locker room presence. No need at all to even think about getting rid of him.

How many bad snaps did Chiu have tonite? I didn't notice any!

Bad snaps screw up the timing of plays.

Snapping the ball at the wrong time, is unacceptable.

I wouldn't call him an outstanding blocker. A centre has the most help on the offensive line. You look at a guy like Mark Stepnoski with the Cowboys. He played at 260 lbs or around there. His blocking was okay but you couldn't say that he was that bad or that good because of the guards on each side of him.

Is hage a good blocker? I don't really know but he gets a lot of help from his guards.

You and I are not in the locker room so we don't know how much locker room prescence he really has.

I am talking about his snapping. The guy does this in practice hundreds of times each day. There are no excuses. Sorry, but there aren't!

How 'bout Eastern All Star Centre George Hudson for one???

Chiu did have one bounce off his butt, screwing up the run play and leading to a second and long situation. That being said, it's extremely rare for Chiu to blow a snap, whereas I seem to see Hage doing it 1-2 every game, and in crucial situations too. I'm not saying 'release him,' but he's got to do better.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

His bad snaps have been going on for awhile now. It's just as bad as commiting three or four stupid penalties every single game.

I agree that Hage has had bad snaps. What about the snap that bounced of of Glenn's helmet. Thank you to Cobb that caught this snap....and please this was not a wildcat formation!!!111