Okay guys... fess up!!!

exactly they need to be balanced, their pass D is great, their running D was good last game, but it has been their weakness all season, if we can exploit it, we are in business, if not you can say uh-oh!

What worries me is Trestman's stubbornness when it comes to running the ball. The Lions have had issues stopping the run all season long. The question is, will we exploit it? Or will we do our usual thing -- run the ball twice in the first half, and go away from it immediately if it doesn't pay instant dividends? If we really want to blunt the edge of the Lions' pass rush, establishing the run is key. The B.C. front four led the league in sacks and they are as physical as they come. If we keep making Calvillo drop back to pass, he's going to get pounded and the offense will stall.

I don't want to wait until the fourth quarter to give Cobourne touches. Let's run the ball down their throat!

ugh, BC.

I am so nervous right now. :frowning:

BWAAAAAAAA... be afraid.....be very afraid.... lol

Just kidding. The Als have one of the smartest if not the smartest QB in the League. I really like Calvillo and I think he is underrated. If stats could have a voice the Als points for and points against speak for themselves. But then again......anything can happen in 60 minutes of football.

The Lions are peeking from what I can see. Printers has incredible personnel to work with. If anyone thinks the outcome in this game is a given they should reconsider their position. Every play is going to be huge. My hope is that the officiating will be consistent and not taint the outcome of the game. Barring any major key injuries I'm sure the Lions will give Montreal a real run for its money.

They are peaking all right. Printers is 1-3

1-3 and that one being a big playoff game. if i were you id be worried about that 1 in his standings. as the weeks went by hes only gotten more comfortable. and his losses...were close games that the d let slip by them. all you thinking the lions are banged up at qb just got proven wrong. it will be a good game either way tho, its been a great year in the cfl this year

To be honest, I think the Lions are gonna get spanked, and spanked hard in this game. The 1st quarter will start out pretty even, maybe even an edge to BC as the Als shake out the cobwebs and their nervousness. After that, I think it's gonna be all Als. The Als are gonna be taking BC seriously and that's really bad news for BC.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a tad nervous. . .

That said, remember that BC didn't wallop Hamilton. . . they won by the skin of their teeth, in overtime no less.

Are we a better team than Hamilton? 15-3 versus 9-9 tells me that we are.

So, add that to the time zone change and homefield advantage, we should be able to advance to the Cup.

I"d emphasize a ball control offence for the first half at least; don't try to force things downfield, just a controlled march down the field, racking up one first down after another, eat up the clock, keep Casey on their bench. Benavides runs a base 4-2-6 defence, so that should make the short route~hot read man open more often than not. . . and as good as I think Armour and McKenzie are as LBs, they're much stronger against the run and in blitzes than they are in pass coverage. So I'd be calling a lot of 4 to 5 yard passes to Cobourne and Carter out of the backfield, hoping for a one on one matchup against either Armour or McKenzie.

But. . . for gawd's sake watch out for that wild card in their defence, Korey Banks. Nominally a second safety in that 6 pack secondary, he flies around, often lining up at LB, so someone best keep an eye on that guy.

If we're going to test them deep, do so on the corners, stay away from Banks and Miles down the middle; Phillips is a ball hawk as well at HB. . . Toney I'm not sold on, so my targets would be the two corners, Glover and Marsh, and then Toney.

Give us a big day from the 2 lines, and we should be heading to Calgary . . .