Okay guys... fess up!!!

Who would you rather play in the final, BC or Hamilton? And why?

In my case, Hamilton. We've beaten them 3 times already and BC scares me because they seem to have our number (more than any other team anyway).

Doesn't matter - It's Cavillo's year. The cups comin' EAST BABY!!!

Hamilton played us really well in the last match. . . and if they win the eastern semi-final they'll come in on a 4 game winning game winning streak.

We beat BC once this season and should have swept them but for a bonehead officiating screwup. Plus BC would, again, have to deal with the time zone difference. And their defence is poor against the run.

So that tells me BC.

Plus. . . they are banged up at QB.

And as for Hamilton's QBs, Glenn's best game this season, and Porter's breakout game last season were both against, you guessed it, Montreal.

So on balance I think i'd rather the Lions came to visit.

A different angle here.

From team revenue and stadium attendance points of view, the Ti-Cats are the preferred ones. Hope that they can bring 10k of their fans with them to the Big Owe.

Wally scares the s**t out of me, I want the Cats


I honestly can't decide.

Wally has had our number forever. No matter how poorly the Lions play against other teams, they always come to play against us.

But on the other hand, Glenn lit us up like a Christmas tree last time we played, and it's very hard to beat a team four times in one season. Statistically, we're due for a loss to the Cats, and I don't want that loss to be a playoff game.

I don't put too much into the 38 points that Hamilton put up against us. That had more to do with Montreal's defense lack of focus than it did anything else. Don't forget, Winnipeg put up big numbers against our D one week and we all know what happened in the re-match. To be honest, I think those 38 points given up to Hamilton was a good thing. Montreal will definitely not take them lightly.

As far as BC goes, there was a point in time where I thought that they had our number as well but the way AC methodically marched down the field to score the go ahead touchdown in the final minute in Montreal changed my mind. They are also missing a healthy QB so this also helps Montreal.

The ALs will be ready for either team but personally, I would rather see a REAL Eastern final against the Ti-Cats but more based on emotion than chances of victory.

You might not have swept them it would have tied the game with 1-1/2 - 2 minutes left in the game. Everybody seems to forget that.

Read me carefully.

I said "Should have", I did not say "would have." I did do deliberately. . .

but even if the officials hadnt screwed up it doesnt mean you should have won.

Play 60 minutes
Run and Passing game playing well
Improved all season long.

Lack of depth
Unable to generate pressure on QB without comprimising themselves

Dome team
Always play Montreal well

Lack of prep time for Printers
Lots of travel
Inconsistent run defense
Geroy and Mallet only playmakers

Pick your poison I say...

Hercules130 says it all - Hamilton will bring the most fans this way. The 2009 Als can eat and spit out any opponent, providing they are all on the field 100%. Anthony Calvillo has never been better. Coach of the year?- Marc Trestman - no contest! Go Als Go - don't let us down this year! Go Als Go! GO ALS GO! We Love You Guys! GO ALS GO!!!

First of all, get your facts right!
There was 55 seconds left in the game, not 2 minutes, soon you will be saying there was still 3
quarters left to play.
Second of all, the Als would have won! Dont like it? Too bad!

Well, so far the Ticats seem eminently beatable. Thier O effort is flat and they look very beatable on D as well. Soooo, I gues I'm a Ticat fan today.

Better start watching those BC game tapes. The cats are out... and Printers is on fire.

Yep, he looked scary good today. The Als' D-line has their work cut out for them. I believe that they'll be up to the challenge though. :wink:

He's played well in every game since he's back. but Hamilton's defense was very ordinary today.

Urg. I don't want to face Printers at all. He gave us fits during his MOP year and he's exactly the type of Burris-esque mobile QB who gives us problems because he's so hard to contain outside the pocket. And I hate facing Wally. He always seems to have our number.

On the other hand, they're playing on our turf, without a time-zone change and hopefully without game-changingly horrid officiating, so I think we have a slight edge. :rockin:

Look how much they slowed down in the second half today. These guys wont have the legs to play 60 minutes. Hopefuly we are patient and keep our offense balanced.

Proper coverage on the deep ball is going to be key against the Lions. Printers likes to stretch the field with big-play receivers like Simon and Jackson. Let's take away those deep balls and force him to put together long drives underneath. I like our chances if we lock down the deep routes.