OKay Cat fans it is time to belly up to the Bar!

Alright I do not know about you but I have had it with other team fans not giving respect to your team and even some of the doubting Toms for your team. First off any one expecting the cats not to lose lots of games at the start of the season is a fool. It takes time to develop the offense under a new QB. High expectations caught up with some Cat fans. But what ticks me off is fans from other teams disrespecting the Tiger Cats. It is time you guys stood up for your team. BigDave has lead a charge against those fans (Bombers). When your team beat the Stamps I gave full credit to your team they played well and better! The Bombers lose and what happens they come out with excuses and take away the credit of the Cats playing a good game. I remember it was those same Bomber fans trying to rub it in on me over the fact a winless Cat team beat the Stamps and how embarassing that must be! Wrong no embarassing it was good play by the Cats. NOw stand up to these guys and thats hope your team is in the play offs and kicks the bloody hell out of those bombers! Go for it! :lol:

Does anybody actually listen to the Bomber fans? Just a buzzing and an impulse to slap the insect off your arm :slight_smile:
Kick some Lark butt Saturday. :thup: