Okay Bomber Fans as promised!

Go Bomber Go beat down those pesky riders!

GOOOOOO Bombers! The fat lady has sung!

a bit early but:

See the Blue Bombers fly up, up!
To win the Grey Cup.
Our boys who play this grand old game,
Are always striving for glory and fame!
See the blue bombers fly up, up,
The other teams they don't fear,
They all try their best,
But they can't contest,
As the bombers fly up!

No Kanga the fat lady sings not you! :lol:

whats the difference?

as promised?? wtf you lose a bet :? or did you you finally wake and noticed you were cheering 4 the wrong team? :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

BGM,No losss of bet to do this! I have promised this week I would cheer the bombers on to victory! And I believe I have delivered now it is up to the bombers to deliver! I pulled for the riders last week if yo recall! But After this week it will be back to disliking the Bomber team once again! After all they have to play the REd and white on the 15th! :lol:

Oh, I see! you don't want to face a team who has lost 5 straight, and is falling apart. You'd rather face a team who just shaked a huge monkey off their backs, and is primed to pull off an upset! :stuck_out_tongue:

The way i see it, Calgary only has to score 12 points to beat Winnipeg and there terrible offence.

Unless there defence can score another 12 through turnovers.

The performance from the LDC game is not one to rate the Bomber offence. If Glenn shakes off the rust and gets back to playing how he was before the injury (when he was right up there with the top QB's in the league) he should easily be able to move the ball against Calgary. hopefully the Bomber D will step up though and frustrate Burris and the Stamps :rockin:

I can sing better!

Umm Red, Didn't your father tell you to drink in moderation? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually I'm trying to do the math. Which team to cheer for to make it tougher for the Eskies to catch? The Riders, but then the Eskies could cross over if Winnipeg Continues its slide or the Bombers but then the Riders are still reachable.

I think I'll cheer for an overtime tie!

Hows that for fence sitting?

Kanga, i'm not poet (and clearly, neither are you) .. but that was just terrible dude.

I know you havent been to Winnipeg, so i'm advising you for your own safety, cuz i like you. Winnipeg is a rough town. If you chant that in the stands, some Bomber fan is libel to murder you.

hah .. jus jokin' .. but that is one terrible poem dude.


dude, that's the new Bombers theme song!!!

Unless Milt and Kevin can pull of a miracle, the Riders will win the Banjo Bowl. Some other guys have to step up and help these guys out. Guys like Brazzell and Stoddard have to get open, but the Rider secondary has been playing well. Roberts has to have a better game, and the Winnipeg D needs to turn up their game a notch. They may not do it this week, but a closer game might be a step in the right direction.

Are you 7 years old? If not then that is the lamest thing I've ever read.

Fly Bombers! Fly so high! Fly above the clouds! Fly!!!!!!!


Consider the source EE

I find your post humourous! A few weeks ago many bomber fans stated I show no respect for their team and now when I do look what happens! :lol:

Maybe you are plain jealous of his talents! I see it is okay for turkeylips to post a song on here and Kanga does so you want to dis him! Or maybe you are mad because no one has come up with a song for your team yet and how bad they are playing! If this bothered you! You are one sad dude!

So you're cheering for the eskies to miss the playoffs rather than having your lions secure a home playoff game(no threat from saskatchewan)?