Okay BC boys (RLR &BC4life) smack talk 4 Friday bring it

Okay cupcakes whats your thoughts for the up coming game. :lol:

Oh 2005, I know your cross hairs were on a couple other posters, but I'll jump in and take the bait.

A lot will depend on which Jeykle and Hyde Calgary team shows up. If the team with a potent aerial attack, mixed in with Joffrey Reynolds shows up, then we should have a humdinger of a game. I like the Calgary Linebacker group, and I think they should be ready after looking at film and be able to minimize Joe Smith. If the inconsistant Calgary team shows up, it could be a long night at McMahon.

The Lions practices this week has been pretty low key. Just like last year, they are quiet and seemed to be focussed to detail. Some of the injured have returned. I like the secondary returning to early season attendance. I think Wally has read the riot act after two losses in a row, and they seem to be focussed.

I think it comes down to which Calgary team shows up. The one that gave us a few fits over the last couple years, or the inconsistant team from early this year.

My two cents worth.

I think the Stamps have gotten quite cozy in the basement. :smiley:

It's a toss-up, both teams have been inconsistent as of late. Lions are getting some key players back for this week, so I like our chances.

Unfortunately, we've already won in Calgary this season so it's going to be tough to do it twice.

Would a tie be asking too much?

All I'm gonna say (most likely) is that the Riders are winning on Saturday, and we all know thats all that matters :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Well some one in the Stamps organization needs to learn to plug the video in first. We may be witnessing the real deal. But no panic button yet until after labor day.

Not so fast popcycle boy. I still think your schmoes are basement bound.

Thats it RLR no smack I am disappointed but I agree with you and sporty. Chief well he is drinking that eskimo water.

Jman punch yourself in the head for me. Thats right on the forehead. I do not see where on this post it mentions the Riders.

I'd be worrying about your own team right now. You better pray it's Burris that shows up and not Hyde. Otherwise it could be a long night on Friday.

I think the key for WPG and Sask beating BC was they won the battles on the lines. If Calgary can give Burris time, and put pressure on Pierce, it should be a good game.

which side of the forehead should I punch? on the left side of it? the right side? both?

I'll be in more of a trash talking mood tomorrow redwhite, don't you worry :wink:

While I would hate to see BC win, I think they will not only win, but win big. That would leave Calgary very far back for making the playoffs. Mind you with Edmonton losing this weekend as well, both Calgary and Edmonton can fight it out for 3rd in two weeks.

Nothing I have not heard before now to the BC fans.

The trenches is where this game will be won or lost agreed.

Being the nice guy I am I would say use a baseball bat both sides.

Well RLR and BC4nolife I would expect nothing less from you good luck for your team tomorrow night.

You sound confused again! I see you have become a BC fan after all this is for the BC fans only proving once again your reading skills are not existant.