Now before all the finger pointing and blame starts and even though I had an Als,a Stamps and a Ti-cats fan all call me to comment on the reffing, I thought I would look back on the year and see the good things. The Bombers were exciting, they improved immensely from the previous year, they have the best defense for any team I have seen in many years, they played with heart,desire and cleanly,too! (except for the Sears hit). I got to go to Winnipeg with my son to see them win at home in a stadium I'd watched them play in on TV for over 40 years. While in Winnipeg , we met a lot of the players and especially some fantastic fans. We were made to feel at home and I want to return to see them win in a BRAND NEW STADIUM !!!!! Something many naysayers were proven wrong about, I remember! The positives surely out weigh any negatives. On this sad after the Grey Cup morning, my Bomber flag is still proudly flying in my backyard. It might be the only one in southern Ontario. I'll continue to wear my Bombers hats and take the ribbing that is sure to follow. One thing I've noticed is that when a team gets this close and loses, watch out for them next year! I believe they will win it all next year so much, that I put my deposit down on 4 tickets to the 100th Grey Cup. It's the struggle that makes the victory so sweet ! Thank you WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS for an entertaining and fun year.

Great post(as usual)

Well thank you very much ,aulcee.

Outstanding year for the Bombers! 8) Wish we could have capped it off with a win, But It was still a very successful year in my mind and cannot wait to see what we'll look like next year! Looks like we have an open position at OC now that Baressi was released. Maybe bring in Marcel Bellefeuille for OC, if he's willing to take the pay cut. May not have the best record, but i feel he could fit into our organization. :wink: