Ok.. Marcus Crandell has provin me wrong, i judged him on the fact that he played fairly bad in the losing streak when replacing Greene. He has been amazing for us in the last 6-8 games. But he could still get better. Hopefully in the offseason our O. Coordinater smartens up and really works on the WR's amd SB's. Because don't you guys notice that when the game is on the line, we can't seem to complete a pass!!?!?!? A lot of the time it's because of the WR or SB running the wrong route or giving up on the ball if it looks like its outta reach, when most of the time it really isnt if they woulda kept running. So Marcel Bellefeuille, Smarten up and work on your QB/WR/SB communication and foot speed!

Hopefully during the offseason Marcel won't be there anymore.

Crandell has proven me wrong also. Bring Greene back!!! :frowning:

If the Riders had Kent Austin for an offensive Co-Ordinator we’d win at least 2-3 more games in a season. Marcel just has to go, he would have trouble figuring out a pee-wee football team’s defence. I will give Marcel 1 more game to show me something or I will officially start the petition to get his ass fired.

UnrealRiders Status: Offline Posted: Oct 23, 2005 - 07:29 PM

Crandell has proven me wrong also. Bring Greene back!!!

I told some one on another thread that it would not take long for Nealon to bethe most popular player on the riders. It is the same every year. The most popular player is the back up quarterback.

Budha Unreal has always been a huge Greene Supporter. I am not exactly sure why, but he has never faltered. For the rest of us there isn't any calling for # 15 to line up behind O'day