I think it's good to blow steam off. Who wants to lose?! It just shows how much a person really cares about the team. I must admit I had to leave the room a couple of times in frustration. BUT...we played better than last week and we were in the game and should have won it!
We were down in the red zone at least three times and had to settle for field goals. Forget the late touchdowns. Hamilton is getting better and the team will prevail as they continue to improve their talent pool. We do however have a quaterback issue in that Maas doesn't have the arm to zip the ball and Chang is too green yet to take over the team. By keeping Maas in Taaffe is buying time for Chang to learn.
I realize it's difficult to watch the team lose yet another game but I take relief in the fact that everyone in the organization is working 24/7 to make this team better. New players are arriving weekly and our receivers are starting to jell. It will happen.

And if you believe that Monty, I've got some nice property you may be interested in. The view is lovely.


I feel your pain Cunny...but I've been a fan too long to quit now!