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Harper promises Quebec bigger voice on world stage, more autonomy
Updated at 16:51 on December 19, 2005, EST.
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, sitting next to captain Jim Adams in the cockpit of his campaign plane, gives a thumbs-up in Ottawa Monday, prior to his departure to Quebec City. (CP/Tom Hanson)
Audio:: Conservative Leader Stephen Harper
OTTAWA (CP) - The Conservatives are courting Quebec with the promise of more autonomy at home and a bigger voice abroad, hoping more intimate relations with the province will lead to electoral bliss.

Leader Stephen Harper said Monday that he would go further than the Liberals and allow Quebec to play a role in international institutions, such as UNESCO, when its cultural responsibilities are at stake.

And he said a Tory government would correct the so-called fiscal imbalance between Ottawa and the provinces - a key gripe of Quebec, which feels it doesn't get its fair share of cash from federal coffers.

Paul Martin blew a tire in Saskatchewan as he tried to pump up his party's chances in the Prairie province by talking up the equalization system.

He also said he'd be glad to talk with Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert about an energy accord that would allow the provinces to keep a bigger share of oil and gas revenues without equalization payments being affected.

So the libs want to give money to the west and the cons want to give money to the east.
Maybe they read this forum :lol:

There is no doubt that the brain trust of this country reads this forum...
The special RCMP spy unit, also reads this forum, looking for redneck seperation mongering..
There investigating all posters with seperation views..these peaple will endure more traffic tickets
And there garbage will not be picked up after Christmas..

Well as long as they pick-up the snow in Montreal, I'm good

Why trhe hell didn't Martin talk to us earlier about an energy accord. Calvert basically begged him to come to the table and talk.
All I see in that statement is a promise that will amount to nothing.

(I know that is not what you were going for ro, but that is what I see.)

I'm sitting this topic out, since BS and I agreed I would say anything about the coming election.

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Guys I just wanted u to know that I’m keeping my nose out of here, what so wrong with that?

please don’t make me post.

It's kinda pointless, don't you think? "Hey, just want to tell you that I'm not going to say anything.....nope, you won't hear a word out of me....." How about just NOT COMMENTING period? That makes more sense.....

but then how would he keep increasing his post count?? Hellothere seems to have disappeared for the winter. I think Kanga is trying to make a comeback.

eh each party is just going after the place where they are going to get teh fewest seats. If the conservatives get 3 seats in quebec that will be a huge victory for them since quebec is going to vote almost completley for the bloc the lone exception being montreal which always votes liberal.

From what I have been able to gather it is the people in the west that are most upset with teh liberals over whatever this scandal was exactly so theyre trying to get some seats out west

Holy crap.
I think if you are going to talk anything about politics.Do it by Private messages.This site is starting to suck with all this crap.
This is a football forum.Get on with it!!!!

It's called the offseason honey...deal with it 8)

Exactly Geo. When the seaon starts it can go back to football. Even though we still are talking football just less of it.