Ok what's the score going to be!!

Henry Burris will be great tomorrow. Watch for Andy Fantuz to be big again like week one. Gable to run really well against a 215 second string middle linebacker and Sam Gigure answers his critics tomorrow big time. If they cover Fantuz then Ellingson will have a great day. They have a starting db out as well.

The incredible Bulk will be occupying two guys and Boudreaux and Norwood will open lanes for Brandon and JJ to meet to get to Rick Ray.

My major concern is coverage but hopefully pressure on RR help that.

I say 38-16 Cats!!

What say you?

Tiger-Cats 52
A_______s 33

Hamilton has my support. Glad to see Kent Austin succeeding in Hamilton. 32-25 Hamilton. Burris will have a big game passing.

Ham 31
Tor 30

Ticats win on a last second rouge :rockin: