OK! What the heck does this mean?

From the live play by play

M. BISHOP Completed Pass to T. DEVOE (12 yds)
Toronto challenges the call on the field that the pass was incomplete. After review the call is overturned and a 1st down is awarded at the Montreal 53 yard-line.

The refs had initially ruled the pass incomplete. It was overturned and ruled a completion and a first down.

Simple as that.

But the first line says
M. BISHOP Completed Pass to T. DEVOE (12 yds)

But the pass was evenutally ruled complete, so it was complete.... The first line indicates the result, the rest of the sentance indicates how they got to that result....

yes it is worded improperly RO, tis true.

interesting game for who gets cut. Saturday will be mucho fun. lol.

Ok that makes sence

:twisted: Yeah man! :twisted: