ok what kinda drugs

im macocia on Kamau Peterson...like cmonnnn he's horrible


mind control drugs....I think

I was wondering the same thing. How many teams are going to sign this guy only to dump him a year later when they find out he's horrible?

what da ya mean he's horrible...i think he's pretty slick...just look at his hands lol ...good luck Ricky trying to get this guy to hang on to the ball...he sure couldn't, playing for the Bombers... or the Cats' for that matter... :lol: :roll:

It doesn't cost anything other than a "per diem" to bring a guy to camp. Competetion is good. Eskies seem to have lots of veterans in camp. Could be some interesting cuts after the Exhibition games!

...seems like the esks. are signing quite a few receivers....should be good competition at t.c.....and Petersen can't say he hasn't had a good shot in this league... :wink:

Ha you can tell Huey is not aropund anymore. The signing of no catch Kamu is just too dam funny! The Bombers are goin g to be very jealous and the Tiger Cats are better for it.

If stats mean anything, only 3 non-import receivers put up better numbers than Peterson (Cahoon, Thelwell and, Paris Hilton...er Jackson) and this on a last place team. The fact that he is a non-import is the key factor in this signing. If he puts up the numbers he did in Calgary this is not a bad signing at all.

I do not know about you but he is running out of CFL teams. Is that a sign of a good player or a guy that can not catch. I am glad he is playing for the esks.