OK we lost - nothing new - now what

Ok we lost. It was brutal but in the end it was just another loss. We've had them before and we will surely have more. At least we can begin focusing on next year. Personally, I think we are not too far off where we want to be. Wholesale changes are, believe it or not, not necessary or beneficial to the team. Some tweaks on the O-Line maybe a go-to receiver....
If this team does nothing over the next few months but to continue to build and establish a QB for next year it will be a step in the right direction.
We can't keep changing personnel, unless, of course, it's the assistant coaches, especially the offensive Coordinator.

We have an Offensive Co-ordinator?

Yesterday's play selection reminded me of the old Argo Playbook:
First Down: Five yard run.
Second Down: Incomplete pass.
Third Down: Punt

Exactly, I did like to see Radlein in the backfield. I thought he ran the ball farely well and I liked the idea that the D had to at least be aware of him in the backfield.

Yep. I like Radlein too.
I've never understood why we don't use him.
Of course, I like Corey Holmes, as well and we didn't use him.
It's a good thing I'm not coaching since I'd have run the ball MORE in the earlier games with Lumsden, Holmes and Radlein, and LESS yesterday with Davis and Caulley.
Imagine how bad our record would be!
Good thing we have Charles in charge.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Without Lumsden in the game they should have turned Chang loose. Show me the arm. Air it out, let’s go for all the marbles. Instead, it’s the same old crap for the Offensive Coordinator… accept now, without Lumsden we are going to run the ball. Someone give that guy a shake. HE’S NOT WORKING.

What we do now is sign Casey Printers(if he comes back to the CFL) get him into the system finish the year strong!

Hire Don Matthews.