OK Tire and the CFL grow the game through Touchdowns for Communities

The Canadian Football League and its Official Auto and Commercial Vehicle Service and Tire Retail Partner – OK Tire – are teaming up to grow the game from coast to coast. The Touchdowns for Communities initiative will see up to $50,000 donated to support the development of football at the grassroots level across the nation.

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I though there wasn't suppose to be any advertising on this forum

There isn't.

But on a more serious note, I like this initiative.

We need more sponsors to get on board with the league to help out the grassroots.



I agree Capital_Dave. We need more initiatives like this to grow the CFL fanbase and maybe we'll have more Canadian QB's playing the Canadian game.

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We need to make sure this league survives and grows back to the level it had years ago.
Maybe no more US teams but Canadian sponsors. YES!!!

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If we want to grow the CFL, then let's grow it! When will the talk about Halifax having a team stop and when will it become a reality??? There are many Canadians who will support this move - so let's do it! I make at least one trip a year from Ontario to Nova Scotia - if there was a team there I would easily be there at least twice a year - plus the Blue-Nosers will support their team like no one else will - just watch - let's do it!!