Ok Stamps don't blow this one.

I hope the Stampeders come out firing on all cyl's and don't underestimate the tabbies. I hate to say this but the Stamps are due for a stinker.

Go Stamps Go!

They might be due for a stinker, but I think Hamilton is well over due for a good game as well.

Man Williams scares me more than Printers. This guys is going to give Calgary a game in the 2nd half.

Hard to tell at that point really, the Stamps are just trying not to give up a late TD in the half.

Yup here comes the stinker!

It's always a good sign if you can hang on and win that stinker.

Ya if ya can hang on. The Cats are going to upset here, the writing is on the wall.

At least there not going to lose to B.C or Sask. At least its not a 4 point game.

laid a golden goose egg.

And then served it up over easy with hash browns and toast.

I will give you props for calling it Stampeder67, although im sure you would have been more than happy to have been wrong.

Stampeeder Fans,
I hope Line Coach and Hank are Okay .
You us gaves a Run for our Money ..

One of the Hamilton Hospitals has Great Cardiac Ward