ok, should I take the hint

I previously questioned if anyone else had a problem with the NEXT UNREAD not working proper.

Now, in the last three days, I have three times now clicked on next unread and had my browser shut down on me with the msg for senddont send to microsoft. Then when I come back right away, every thing is marked as read. Only happens with this site.

Is CFL.CA EVER going to function as well as almost every other site out there, or is it ALWAYS going to be run by yahoos who dont know what the hell they are doing.

If your browser is offering to forward the error to microsoft....the problem is with your browser....not this site

not if this is the only site it is happening with.

It your browser

how do you figure? My browser suddenly doesnt like CFL.Ca after yrs of using it??

I suppose it could be that my browser doesnt like that stupid Gibsons ad as it seems to show up for a full second or two before the rest of the page and shows up right before I get the error msg, but why me. I use latest version of IE as I am sure many do.

I still think it is a flaw on the site.

Well, look at it this way.
Do you really think that windows wants to send a report about this site to Microsoft? Or does it make more sense that it wants to send a report about itself?

Also, if the problem was on the site, don't you think more of us would have the same problem and not just you?

well, so far, most of the responses in my other thread seem to indicate that not many others, if anyone, are using the next unread.

if IE encounters a problem with a site, windows doesnt know where the problem is. Maybe next time I will send the thing and see what microsoft say. Dollars to donuts, they are inconclusive, or blame the site.

I think you can see exactly what it is going to send.....Might not tell you anything though