Ok, Owens can stay.

What a catch.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :D

TSN Highlight of the Night! One of many second half highlights for the Cats. OSKEE WEE WEE!! :thup:

Damn straight he can, to think he was as our enemy for so long! Just looks so right in the black and gold making outlandish one hand catches.

Loved the signing from Day one, he is a true proffesional.

And now he is sporting black and gold hair to boot! :rockin:

It’s funny to think that when we signed Owens (and Chick too for that matter) we thought were getting a once great player in the twilight of his career and that were weren’t going to see any of that greatness that was the hallmark of who he was as a player…

That was the final step in his full conversion to the dark side, plus he had to make a crazy one handed catch to prove he is stronger than ever, the force is strong with CO2, very strong indeed.

The blew team is, and always shall be, the dark side. Remember the force (Luke does). :wink:

I was one of those who were not sure if the signings Owens and Chick were good ideas. I didn't like the idea of signing players whose best days may be behind them to big contracts. But so far, both of these players have been doing quite well and it's good to have them on the team.

I wasn't too worried about Owens. I figured he had the athletisism and motivation to be good. Chick was the question mark for me. He's proved himself well!

One thing about both Owens and Chick is that they may very well have list a step and wouldn't be as effective as they had been on their respective previous teams.

But because the Cats don't live or die based on their performance, they can take it a bit easier than they may have been able to had they stayed. So that gives them some extra pep at key moments

Fair enough Mike, I just always thought Hamilton fit the bill as the "Dark Side" much better, just take a walk down Barton Street at night :wink:

It was a salary issue in TO. Barker thought he could go cheap and replace CO but he was wrong. The Argos are still missing what CO brings to a team. Hamilton got a quality player and person.

An Argo-Cat fan

And he used the same "quality" judgement when he allowed Harris to leave.

Another mistake that will prove even more costly.

If there was a heart trophy in the CFL Owens would have a lock on it . Nobody can accuse him of playing without lots of heart. Small guy big heart. :thup: