OK --now i wait a year--THEN WHAT?

Assuming they can find "the right owner" and then re-launch the renegades next year:

  1. Will we get the Hughie Campbell shaft again? That is--the other teams want to give the Ottawa"expansion team" NOTHING --again?

ie. "We'll protect our top 10 guys--then you pick the 11th best on our team --then we protect another 10--and you get the 22nd best on our team...then we protect another 10 and you get the 33rd best on our team--then we'll
protect 5 more giving you the 39th best player on our team and the 40th "
Surely that's a great expansion---err,i mean re-entry dea,isn't it?

  1. To the above--I say on behalf of all Ottawa fans--B.S.!!!!!!!!!!
    WE DEMAND A FAIR DEAL! Are we supposedto put up with a back-up QB again to start? Even if teams are only allowed to protect 1 QB in the top 10 protecteds--we lost Kerry Joseph --maybe we get Brad Banks back at best (but if he is holding a clipboard this season--that means he still is raw in CFL playinng experience...

Look-it simply must be better terms or don't bring the team back,since it will be a lost cause from the getgo.

It must be more like:

"we protect 1 guy--you take the next guy--we protect another guy--you take a second guy...we protect 1 more--you take one more...etc..until the Gades roster is filled again---AND we get ALSO a one protect-one take
scenario on the NEG LIST too"...you CANNOT PUT ANOTHER LOUSEY "expansion" TEAM back in 2007--it just will not fly...it must be perceived as competitive RIGHT AWAY! Otherwise, R.I.P. Ottawa Football in the CFL--and if the latter (dead forever) THEN CFL :"may you die the death of a thousand cuts! THEN may you rot in Hell!""

P.S. I am not giving Eugene Melnyk any of my money and his SENATORS will never win the Stanley Cup while he owns them --because I've put a curse on them and will not lift it until I have my CFL team back playing at Frank Clair Stadium. So if that takes the rest of my life,it will be a long time before the Ottawa hockey fans can gloat about Football's demise in the National Capital
---they won't be allowed to enjoy anything --because I'm in misery. Either that or I die first...Curse you Melnyk..curse you CFL...

One more thing: Even if one day Ottawa does return to the CFL--DO NOT EVER EXPECT ANY OTTAWA OWNER TO PROPP UP A FLOUNDERING FRANCHISE OF ANOTHER TEAM AS THE GADES FIRST OWNERS WERE FORCED TO TO KEEP TORONTO AND HAMILTON AFLOAT ...there is clearly a double standard going on here --ie. Southern Ontario teams myust be kept in the CFL at all costs,but Eastern Ontario can go to Hell--thanks for nothing CFL!

Eastern Ontario sports fans also got shafted when $60,000,000 of the tax dollars from this region went into the building of the SKYDOME for the benefit of TORONTONIANS --and we received not a penny back to support our sports teams;go to Hell ONTARIO GOVERNMENT for not stepping in to the Gades mess;in fact this and other matters are a causus belli and should promote the idea of SEPARATION from the robbers at Queens Park who take our money and don't give back--yes--OTTAWA and Eastern Ontario we should SEPARATE from Ontario! HOW DARE YOU LEAVE US WITHOUT A FOOTBALL TEAM? Maybe you should apply a special tax on all games played at Skydome to refund our $60,000.000 so that we can create a Sports Foundation Of Eastern Ontario --surely about 90% of the income that money would earn could help "susidize" our Gades if we had to runthem as a civic entity as in some other CFL cities! Any lawyers out there willing to handle a lawsuit to get our $60 million back?

I have the same questions but lets wait till next year before getting all rilled up!

........riled up?..........he is still wiping spittle off his monitor.........BTW, yeah mlgottfan, [sarcasm]I'm sure all those things you demand will happen[/sarcasm].......you'll be lucky to get a team back let alone expect to lay the rules of how that team is ushered in.......maybe if you act nice Campbell will give you a relatively new tackling dummy to start off with.....

As for this

"we protect 1 guy--you take the next guy--we protect another guy--you take a second guy...we protect 1 more--you take one more...etc..until the Gades roster is filled again

hahahahaha. not a chance.Do you not realize that this would then give the ottawa everybodies 2nd best player, and 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, and wow the team's roster is filled with 40 guys, but now they are stacked and every other team is in the dumps, cause thy lost their best reciever/and or rb and or qb and/or LB and/or DB.

Although I don't want you to be crappy when you come back in, the above system is absoluetely idiotic.

.......this is the best part........here's where we can conclusively state that mlgottfan has bats in his belfry.........

For me it was his demand that Eastern Ontario separate from the rest of the province. what province would that be named I wonder?

I'm with you MLGOTTFAN. It burns my ass, that these Edmonton and Calgary fans couldn't give Fiddle sticks about the Renegades and they say it's because there are no fans in Ottawa. Well, for one thing, they get a lot more support from the provincial and municipal governments, Commonwealth Stadium sits 60,000 ? No provincial taxes in Alberta, and whatever perks they get. If we got better breaks from the Ontario and Ottawa governments maybe we could have some breathing room. There are also many egocentric and selfish owners and GM's that screwed the Renegades from the start with their "expansion" draft. Ottawa shouldn't even have been considered as an expansion market to start with and should've been brought back as the Riders. One insult after another. Screw you Tom Wright and Hugh Campbell.

.....I've never said there were no fans in Ottawa, just not enough of them over the last two years to make the Renegades a viable business......and what do provincial taxes and the size of Edmonton's Stadium have to do with anything?.......supporting your team is what counts.......you do it (presumably) by purchasing tickets, mlgottfan does the same, too bad there aren't more of you in Ottawa.......

One wonders if Tom Wright found different ownership than the Gliebermans to begin with, the Renegades might still be in operation…

One more time, if Wright could have found someone else to take over the Rens, whether it had been suitable local ownership or maybe even someone who hasn't ruined 2 CFL franchises already, he would have grabbed that chance. So how is it Wrights fault?

Wright should resign. He is a horrible "leader" he's nothing but a puppet on the hand of Brailey and Campbell

I like Wright. He can stay. He's not the only one to blame in this, and he's done well thus far, in my opinion.

How is this Wrights fault.
The owners were a joke and the the Fans averaged 18-19,000 per game and most of them splurged a whole 10$ per game!

Wrong government money does not help either of these franchises in Alberta. Yes there is no sales tax big deal. So tell me why aren't the Senators in trouble. When the Stampeders were in trouble did Ottawa fans care I think not. The Stamp fans came and bought to save the team. If Gades fans were so dame good why the hell did they not in the past four weeks try and start a community owned team for one year to keep this team going. I thought so you sat there well the Gades burned. Please hold your tears back! What bothers me is you would think after losing the team once that the community in Ottawa would have learned. But no they have to lose out a second time. The city council and the community should be to blame.

...exactly like the way the Ticats and Argos and all the other teams were forced to keep the Rough Riders afloat! But of course no fans showed up so the team died anyway. Then the league was gracious enough to grant Ottawa an expansion team, and all the Ottawa "fans" did for four years was bitch about how they've gotten a raw deal from the CFL, and how they haven't had a decent team in three decades, and they're not buying tickets because the Gliebermans own the team, blah, blah, blah.

Then when the very predictable end of the franchise finally arrives, they bitch some more about how the other teams should have ONCE AGAIN gone into debt to save the franchise that the city itself doesn't want.

I sympathize with the true fans, who are deeply hurt by this series of events, and I hope they remain CFL fans and return to Frank Clair Stadium if and when the franchise is resurrected. But the rest can go cry on someone else's shoulder.

It wouldn't matter if Frank Clair holds 100,000, if you can't get 20.