OK, now I am confused???

If fumbles are not reviewable, what the heck are they doing now???

That wass just the ref not stating it properly. He meant that down by contact aren't reviewable but didnt say it properly.

They also supposedly reviewed a non reviewable play on the first challenge. The refs are a joke but not the reason we lost.

Really.... hmmm. some of the rules need to be re defined because they really dont make sense. Well anyways I really hope to see BC win this game. go jason! I love that guy

I am questioning what exactly the rules are, not the reffing. I am not seeing the difference from the situations in the two games????

Are fumbles (like the ones tonight) reviewable in the NFL?

The ref in the Hamilton game screwed it up.

Fumbles are reviewable.

Recoveries of fumbles are not, except in the end zone, or when checking who was the last guy to touch it before it went out of bounds, thus the "in the field of play" clause.

Wasnt the Ticat guy on the ball after he recovered Mitchells fumble ? Wouldnt he of been down by contact after the Montreal guy hit him then recovered the ball ???

If they had ruled that Hamilton had recovered it, and then fumbled it again, which was then recovered by Montreal, then they could have reviewed whether he was down by contact. But they ruled that Montreal recovered the original fumble, and that can't be reviewed.

But they didnt !!!!

It doesn't matter if Montreal actually recovered the original fumble or not. The refs ruled that they did, and that can't be reviewed.

Pretty sure that in the NFL you can review recoveries if there is enough evidence to make a decision.

Well good luck finding the NFL replay guide.


mitchel tried to scoop the loose ball into his body and it squirted right through his legs and montreal recovered it. the replay clearly showed that mitchel didnt recover it or have control. The ref actually got the original call right.

Well there ya go.
The in-stadium replays didn't show that angle.

So, I tried finding a reference to the NFL version of this rule.

I found this:

Non-reviewable plays include but are not limited to: clock Status; penalty administration; recovery of a loose ball in the field of play; field goals and inadvertent whistles.

in a chat transcript with former NFL ref Jerry Markbreit.... here

why the hell are we even talking goddam NFL.

Because we adopted our replay rules from them. Try to keep up.

then maybe its time we learned to walk on our own.

Are you saying we should make our replay rules different just to be different than theirs?