Ok now for 2008 :) What do we do to repeat?

What do you think will need to be done with the Roughriders so that we'll win again?

I have a number of possible things that could occur or that maybe they should look at.

  1. what receivers stay and who goes?

  2. Do they go and get a Free Agent DB?

  3. Who retires?

  4. Where can they make improvements?

I think that the Riders may need to look at a # of things when it comes to their Receivers..

Dominguez is one... with his Injuries...

Cory Grant.. must be getting older now, can McCoy or Hoffart replace him?

Are there any DB's in Toronto that become FA's next year? should we look at acquiring one?

Is Cory Holmes hurt? or is he slowing down?

Do they keep Crandell?

What about Hunt? Davis? others?

What other small changes can we make to have a greater chance of Repeating??

It really hurts to say it but Holmes has lost something, time to let him loose.

I wouldn't be surprised if Reggie Hunt goes to B.C next year. I would be going after someone to solidify our secondary, possibly a safety because Clovis and Gordon both looked shaky this season. I'd try and keep the recievers as is for next season, try and get Dominguez for less money as I'm sure he wants to stay.

Joseph is 34. As a QB he has only 3-4 more years of peak performance before he begins to fade. He was a late bloomer and just after 30 came into his own as a star QB. Crandall is 33 and I am sure wants one more shot at being #1 on some team. I would say it would be best if the Riders let Crandall go and begin grooming the QB of the future - whom ever it is. It is doubtful that Crandall would want to spend all of his peak years backing up.

What would be truly ironic is if the Riders announced the new team back up and it was Dave Dickenson lol

although in a double ironic twist it may just be his best chance at one more cup lol

Oh my please not Dave. Please no. Please Please Please do not get Dave Dickenson. Someone much younger would be a better option.

Corey Holmes? I still love the guy & IMHO he's a keeper. I said it last game & I'll say it again, IMO Corey Holmes is not getting the blocking. He's not getting the yards on the returns because he always has to beat 3 or 4 defenders. Give him a decent chance to return it (blocking) & he will. IMO the guy gives us everything he's got. I call it Heart & I think that a lot of people will agree that it takes Heart to win a championship.

Changes? I dunno, not for me to say sure I can speculate but most of my games are on the radio so I don't get to actually see our team throughout the season.
I thought our DB's were mostly young? They did pretty darn good for a young group. If thats not the case (not young) them I'm out to lunch - sorry.

I dunno I just got that instant reaction thing when I seen Dave Dickenson mentioned so I had to reply.

Dave Dickenson & Wally Buono are the 2 guys that I would not want to see on our side of the field Thank You. I personally (ya just me) would be very upset. Moreso Wally than Dave but I fail to understand why any team would want Dave.
This is just my opinion.

Who cares about next year right now, i'll worry about that once training camp starts as of now I'm enjoying the off season as a happy Rider fan knowing they are the 2007 Grey Cup champs!!!

They should keep Corey, but people are lying to themselves if they think he hasnt lost some of his speed... Yo is retiring. Matt D will be back. Gotta give Reggie what he wants, doesnt matter how much it is. I heard James Johnson is a FA, but Im not sure. Gotta pay him for sure....

How long does Fantuz have on his contract? We have got to make sure this guy stays in Green for the remainder of his career.

Don't forget that Tate spent all year on the IR...it's reasonable to assume he and Durant are to be groomed to replace Joseph and Crandell

ok my 2 cents.

  • We need improvement on Special teams especially kickoff return coverage. Holmes is fine I think hes a lot more hurt than we know . Congi’s weak leg limits his success outside the 40 yard line why not try Borehams leg on Longer field goals?
  • Go with an all Canadian O line and use the extra American to play safety…maybe Lucas? Frasier?
  • Sign a experienced Free Agent DB…and Hope Davis still wants to play
  • Promote Anton McKenzie in place of Injury Prone Stancil or if we lose Hunt (God Forbid)
  • Promote Hughes as the Starting Fullback and utilize him more offensively.
  • Cory Grant had probably his steadiest year as a Rider, I cant recall him ever dropping a pass, but if he Retires they have adequate replacements in Palmer, Hoffart & McCoy.
  • Dominguez is KEY if he can recover from his injury he will dominate and open things up further for Fantuz & Flick. Washington I think can be the Deep threat but is still basically a unknown factor. Murphy was basically ignored and will probably retire. Maybe sign a bonfide Free agent wide receiver as insurance.
  • the D line has been Vastly improved with the outstanding play of John Chick and should free up Perry.
    The Rest is best and requires no further improvements

Yo has sad this was it at the beginning of the year

They need another reciever, no questions asked. Washington, Hill, Palmer, and the whole host of others who have gone through that revolving door since Armstead left haven't shown enough to warrant being given a starting job.

In terms of quarterbacks, cut Tate loose, he sat on the injury list all year long. He cost the team money when there are other quarterbacks out there that could serve as a backup. With Joseph and Marcus, let them fight it out again next year at training camp. It worked out good this year.

With the secondary, there are some holes that need to be filled, there are some promising players but some that just can't get the job done.

In terms of the Linebackers, Hunt I believe has lost step or has been limited by the the revolving door with other linebackers...either way...we need some help, when you have 3 of your 4 linebackers injured and nicked all the time it affects their ability to play.

Offensive line, needs to jell a little better or look to bring in someone to help out.

Yo Murphy is gone (retired). I'd like to see if Palmer can make the grade at Wide-out. If he can and if two out or Getzlaf, Hoffart or McCoy can make the grade at receiver, it frees up an American position elsewhere.

With the Salary Cap being an issue:

I hate to say it, but release Holmes. I love the guy but, what have you done for us lately? He hasn't had a big return now in 2 years. I agree that our kick off returns suck because of poor blocking, but Holmes also has lost his speed. Holmes has been very ineffective at tailback. No big runs. His TD's were by no means spectacular plays. Any rookie could have made those plays. Hate me all you want Rider Nation, but I think this is best for the team. Childs has been ineffective. We need to find some good young running backs to put of KR, PR, and back ups to Cates.

We need a new Special Teams coach. There were no big returns this year (except one) and we gave up way to many big returns and blocked punts for Alex Smith to be Special Teams coach. I'd like to have him still as our LB coach.

I think we have to keep Dominguez. Washington will be good but he's still 2 years from being a 1000yard reciever. Hill hasn't shown us anything. Palmer is a good replacement for Grant. McKoy will develop into a good reciever. I suspect Hoffart will be on IR again for a good chunk of next season. Dominguez provides us with excellent assurance.

I also think we have to keep Reggie Hunt! He's critical for solidifiying our front 7. I don't see him going to BC. But I fear he could also be a salary cap casualty.

I'm OK with keeping our O-line and Secondary and giving them more time to gel.

As for our QB's. Keep Crandall. We need the depth. As far as Tate and Durant are concerned. I'll trust Kent Austin's judgement on them as I haven't seen much of them.

Speaking of Yooooooooooo I talked to him today lol

I think an issue for us is to develop a nice young quarterback. In my eyes, i'd go for Richie Williams from Hamilton. To me he looked very solid coming in for the tigercats, and he utilized his offense well, considering the fact that their o-line is not very good and he only has 1 maybe 2 receivers to throw to, and later in teh season when he was in he didn't even have Jessie Lumsden. I thought under all this he played pretty darn good, and i like the look of him. i'm not sure if he is young i just assume so cause this is the first year i've heard of him...

Unless I am mistaken, Richie Williams isnt all that young....

IMHO Holmes is a keeper. If you look at the stats from the Grey Cup game you will see he out returned Stokes by quite a margin. He is a versatile performer with that never say die attitude.

I think we need to address our pass protection - Kerry was scrambling too often on Sunday to avoid the rush and was sacked 4 times on Sunday and Cam Wake sacked him 4 times in the West Final. I know he's tough but I doubt he'll last another full season with that kind of pressure game after game.

Defensively, we have one of the best in the league and with a little upgrade to the secondary we should stay at the top in this category.

Special Teams, our coverage teams typically are very good, but our return teams could use some revamping to improve the blocking to set up the odd long return.

Coaching, we are probably going to lose some good ones due to vacancies on other teams, hopefully there will be available replacements to maintain the chemistry that won us the Cup.

I think the Riders are positioned to maintain a position at the top of the heap in the CFL for a long time - given our financial strength, fan support and the abiltities of Kent and ET. I really don't think we need to do a lot to have a good shot at winning the Cup again next year.


As much as i like him let Crandell go, he is getting older and we do need to develope a younger QB. I think that Tate is the man. His college stats are impressive, and i have a feeling he has potential to be a star. Why else would we have kept him around all year. I have a feeling he just needs time.

All good points dusty100, i am still a proponent of Corey Holmes, even while playing injured he finished 2007 with a better punt return average then Armstead and Dorsey , as for Joseph all i can say is where would the Riders be today if he wasen't the best scrambleing QB in the league..........