ok mr hunt

see lions 3rd uniforms?

you dont want to do that. ugh

Yes, I agree. Never liked the all one colour look. Of course there will be some who think they look cool, to each his own.
Thought the black numbers with the orange outline against the dark grey jersey were a little hard to read farther away.
Good thing they're the 3rd unis and won't be used that often.

I thought that if they flipped the helmet to orange with a black print that they would be amazing.

Gotta disagree... I love'em. There were lots of people leaving the stadium wearing them to, so they couldn't be as ugly as you suggest.

Totally stupid design. You can't put black numbers on a black shirt. Completely unreadable. Red or green numbers on a black shirt is bad enough, but black on black? Seriously?? I can't believe that the league approved those for TV.

That makes two teams that are trying to get their new uniforms in before Ottawa can announce theirs. Calgary came out with the bright Red uni's earlier this year now BC with the all black. I guess the name RedBlack is rubbing off on the rest of the league.

Calgary's road uniform colours would be ideal for Ottawa. Then the Stamps could go back to red and white.

I agree with you on that one... if the numbers were totally orange, then they would look far better. The Junior A team where I live have nice unis, but their black ones have red numbers with white trim... hard to tell, especially in fast paced game like hockey, who scores, or who takes a penalty.

I am more concerned about the home/away helmets teams are doing. I wish the league would place a rule that a team can only use 1 helmet design and maybe one game a year they could use a throwback helmet. I can't stand the Eskies, Riders and Stamps away helmets.

Calgary needs to drop the black and go back to Grey.

[url=http://cdn.nikeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Matte-Black-Wake-Forest-Helmet.jpg]http://cdn.nikeblog.com/wp-content/uplo ... Helmet.jpg[/url]

Check out the Helmet for Wake Forest !!!! Black on Black.....lovely looking aren't they ???? :oops: :wink: :roll:

Me neither. Those lids are all :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

In football, your helmet is essentially your logo. You shouldn't change it. It's marketing.

And furthermore, last year Edmonton wore the yellow hats with the road white jersey in the preseason and the kit actually looked good! Then in the regular season they switched to the green helmet and it doesn't look nearly as good.

As for Stamps with black helmets, blehh! Bright red and white with a galloping horse. How the hell do you screw that up? Just ask Reebok. Calgary's whole uniforms stink and that's a shame.

And the Riders - if there's any team that is identified by a single color, it's Sask. I don't mind an all white look, but for the Riders it just doesn't work. They're not green enough. Bring back the green hats.

Love the uniforms and especially the helmets with the paw print.

It is time to try some swag in the CFL. It has been mentioned that a lot of people were walking out of the stadium with the new jerseys on. Mission Accomplished.
As for the Helmets maybe it is time for a new look with the Paw Print.
I have read complaints about the Lions not getting enough attention withing Vancouver breaking out a surpeise look like this will create a buzz no doubt.
If they can't get enough people to the games that they think they should marketing a swag Uni for the younger crowd should help merchandise sales for sure. Really who in their 20's would buy and wear that orange colred jersey?

I love them, and based on the comments on facebook and twitter a lot of other people do as well, I guess the word is people in the stadium were already walking out one after the game. They're sharp, the jet black helmet and all black uniform makes for an intimidating look. Look at what Nike is doing with the NFL (Seahawks in particular) and College with Oregon. It's time Reebok stepped out of their boundaries. Everybody complained that the 2005 redesign was too "cookie cutter" now they try something new and there's "not enough history in the uniform" I love them and I hope the Riders do something similar (maybe not all black but something cool)

CIS team have began doing this the last couple of seasons. Every team in the OUA has now a major company supplying them with Uniforms and working on swag looking digs. Under Amrour, Addidas, Russel, and NIKE now all have business partnerships with Football anf other sports team merchandise and swag sells.
Guelph and Russel
Western and Under Armour are leading the way.

They could do something cool playing with shades of green. "Electric Lime" on a very dark green and metalized black number might look pretty cool.

Yep, as a Bomber fan watching, I thought they were nicer then anything BC has worn since I started watching. NW teams like Seattle, Oregon, and Oregon St are all getting awesome modern designs. BC should join the trend.

No, I don't think that would work. Playing with shades of the same color rarely works. Contrast is what works best. Remember, you're looking at these uniforms for the vast majority of the time, from a distance. You need contrast.

[url=http://cdn3.sbnation.com/imported_assets/1267019/bXJaA.jpg]http://cdn3.sbnation.com/imported_asset ... /bXJaA.jpg[/url] Here ya go !!! Just imagine the Roughies looking something like this!!!! FUGLY !!!!!