OK - More expansion talk - this time: Anchorage AK

I know this subject gets beat more than a rented mule, but just for fun, since everyone speculates about expansion and where that could take place, how about Anchorage, AK?

Anyone that has ever spent anytime in Alaska knows that they are closer to the way of Canadian culture than any other state. Many of them have relatives from Canada and they are geographically near by.

Don't know if they have a stadium, but they don't have a major sports team and may be a good candidate.

The population is 260,000 people (below) and could also draw from S.E. Alaska (aka the panhandle region), plus one of the primary modes of transportation in Alaska is private airplane (Alaska has the highest per capita airplane ownership in North America) meaning that the draw beyond Anchorage would be feasible.

See below for census numbers - all of Alaska has about 650,000 people

Anchorage Municipality, Alaska Statistics and Demographics (US Census 2000)
Number Percent
Anchorage Population: 260283 100.00%

Sex and Age
Male 131668 50.59%
Female 128615 49.41%

Under 5 years 20033 7.7%
5 to 9 years 21867 8.4%
10 to 14 years 21501 8.26%
15 to 19 years 19662 7.55%
20 to 24 years 17694 6.8%
25 to 34 years 40113 15.41%
35 to 44 years 48210 18.52%
45 to 54 years 38803 14.91%
55 to 59 years 11240 4.32%
60 to 64 years 6918 2.66%
65 to 74 years 8895 3.42%
75 to 84 years 4284 1.65%
85 years and over 1063 0.41%

Median age (years) 32.4

Hi guys...frequent reader, infrequent poster. I have always thought Anchorage would be a good spot or a CFL team. They are plugged into Canada as the Big Dog mentioned, they have a good population, they're big time into sports...they host big NCAA college hoops and hockey tourney's every year, they get the CBC on their cable package (I've actually watched CFL games in bars in Anchorage), and they know someting about Canadian geograghy because they have to drive through Canada to get anywhere in the US. They Seahawks are huge there. The weather is basically the same as Vancouver as they're ocated next to the ocean, but it doesn't rain as much. I don't think its too far-fetched. The stadium is an issue for sure though.

I've also long thought Hawaii would be a good companion to Anchorage. Never going to get a NFL franchise, lots of people and money. They love college ball. They have a stadium, although the end zones are tight...might take some pretty serious re-contruction to get a CFL feild in there. But, can you imagine a Grey Cup in late Nov? Holy shit, there would be plane loads of Canadians heading over there or the game.

Hawaii has the Pro Bowl, so I dont see a CFL team going there anytime soon. Anchorage is a possibility, I would rather see a team go there than Milwaukee. American expansion is tricky, with the import rule that the CFL has, maybe we can convince the Alaskans to seperate from the States and become a part of Canada. :wink:

Sambo, thats the only way it would fly.

Do you guys not read other expansion threads? US Labour laws will kill the Canadian teams. Roughyfan points this out time and time again.

While we're on the topic of places we'll never expand to I'll add a couple more. :twisted: :twisted:

(1) Spuzzum BC. Lots of free parking, great view of the Mountains, walk down to the Fraser River during halftime and pull out a fresh salmon to Bar-B-Que. :roll:

(2) Biggar Saskatchewan. New York is big, But this town is Biggar, so it should naturally have the population to support a CFL Franchise. :roll:

(3) Yellow Knife. NWT An excellent spot for a franchise. Nothing to do while waiting for the ice to freeze over, the Inuit will have tons of spare time and will fill the Igloo Stadium built of Ice. Definately Home field advantage. :roll:

I was being a tad sarcastic, sporty…LOL

I knew you were, :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats why I put in my smart a$$ expansion sites.

All the CFL has to do to get over its labour issues is to make it mandatory for US teams to use players from a defined territory around the location of their city.

Pretty simple fix, isn't it guys?

The thing that people should remember is that the most powerful owner in the league (Wetenall) was just talking US expansion a couple of weeks ago. If he brings it up, I think its something that is on the owners radar.

LMAO! Priceless!

This is a post I made regarding the ratios in the Milwaukee Beer Barons thread...read and discuss; I'm ready for more people to call me names or whatever-go ahead, I can take it: I lived with my ex for fifteen years; she could school some of you amateurs on being vicious...

I want to make a statement about the ratios: the only American City you could expand to, while keeping the ratios intact for Canadian teams, and assuming that and US teams would not be subject to it, would be Anchorage, AK (and NO I am NOT Kanga with a different alias! Checking my spelling should be proof enough!). Here's why: there would NOT be a glut of American players lining up to play for that team, as the CFL pay scale combined with the cost of living and the isolation of Alaska would put a damper on it becoming another Baltimore...I even forsee a team there having a fair amount of Canadian players -especially lineman- to fill out the roster. Any city in the "lower 48," and the concern is a valid one, and would need to be addressed somehow.

Anchorage has a football stadium but it only seats a little less than 5000 people. It looks like an NFL sized field and is surrounded by a running track - possible if that were temporarily covered with artificial turf it could be expanded to CFL size. Additional seating would also be an issue.

This thread was for fun as much as anything -I really don't think Anchorage will ever have a CFL team. The Venue thing is too big a hurdle.

heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh...you said Spuzzum...

I'm not totally convinced that that assessment is correct...there's $$$ in Alaska, and people up there love spending it on Football-high school teams fly to a lot of games...I think the university teams up there are no bigger than Division 2...and they're nutso about the Seahawks. If it was presented right, Alaskans might go for the CFL-and building a facility for it would be no big deal at that point. It would be a better choice for US expansion than any other US city, including my beloved Milwaukee.

Uof A is Division 2 in all sports except hockey, where they play D-1.

Basically what sportsmen is saying is you guys just want to expand for the sake of expanding. Anchorage, Hawaii, Milwaukee, Iceland?????

First you have to have the people to support a CFL team wherever you expand.

Second you have to have a COMPETENT owner.

Thirdly you have to have the stadium in place,

Fourthly it has to be logistically possible, what time do you play a game in Iceland so people in Canada can watch it and how long does it take a team like the B.C. Lions to fly to Iceland or Montreal to fly to Hawaii or Anchorage.

Lastly all the teams in the CFL must play by the exact same rules or it creates a competitive imbalance one way or the other.

Alright Roughy, Since You Brought Up Iceland Again I Might As Well Step In As The Self-Proclaimed Icelandic Fan Club. Iceland Doesn't Have The Same Type Of Labour Laws Preventing Non-Import Players, Well Import For Them. Reykjavik Already Has A Stadium, And About The Same Population As Anchorage. Even Though It's 4 Hours Ahead Of Eastern Time Because Of The Lines Of Latitude, Etc. It's Faster To Fly Directly To Iceland Then From One End Of The Country To The Other.

Back To The Topic At Hand, Like Sportsman And So Many Other Posters Have Reiterated Until The US Labour Laws Change The CFL Won't Work In The States. Although I Am Intrieged By Yukoners Idea Of Saying Maybe Instead Of Having 19 NIP's By Canadian Standards They're 19 NIP's Are In A Certain Area.

Anchorage is a 2 hour flight from Vancouver. Hawaii is a 5 hour flight from Vancouver. To compare, Halifax will be an 7.5 hour flight for the Lions. Toronto to Vancouver is a 4.5 hour flight. So Anchorage and Hawaii are pretty comparable distances to other CFL commutes right now.

At 260,000, Anchorage's population is eerily similar to Regina's...? They would draw fans from throught the area, even Yukoners! This franchise makes even more sense than Iceland, especially with the frozen north connection. It is also only a hop-skip and jump from Vancouver or Edmonton. The NFL is also unlikely to pull another Baltimore Ravens and undermine a US-based CFL team, being in Anchorage.

And other than a minor pro hockey team (the Anchorage Aces of the ECHL), no other professional sports teams to compete with. And lots of oil money. Just need that stadium.

Now, I’d love to have a CFL team in Whitehorse where I live (I can see it now, the Yukon Claimjumpers maybe?), with a total Yukon-wide population of 34,000, it ain’t never gonna happen! Anchorage though, could work.

As could Hawaii, for many of the same reasons. Great sports environment, awesome fan support for college sports, and they have a stadium. Just not sure about reconstructing the endzones on Rainbow stadium though.

Hawaii would not work because land and rent is extremly high. High overhead and low poppulation would work against the CFL placing a team there.
Alaska would be a interesting place to place a CFL team, but what is the weather like there?
Iceland has actually mild temp. while Alaska could get extremly cold.

As I understand it, the weather in the Anchorage area isn't too bad-it's probably more severe in Edmonton. Anchorage is by the coast; and while it isn't gonna be like San Diego, it's not gonna be as bad as it would be in the interior, at Fairbanks.