ok Lions home game and "blackouts"

ok lions play on fri againsts esks
ok when u say that each home team should lift blackouts does that mean that there will be a blackout
and one more thing game should be on fri because weve already had 2 blackouts

I'm tired of blackouts. But I'll bet it won't be long before it's a PPV deal (may already be) and we won't see any games unless we pay.

I go to the games when I can anyway, so, it doesn't always effect me. But it ticks me off for mom and dad - they've been fans since day 1. Mom's partially paralyzed and Dad's battling cancer....why shouldn't they see the games? They're unable to go now, I think it's a shame that they miss out.

I know they think blackouts put more people in the stands - the flip side is that "new" fans may be generated if people see the games on TV first. This may encourage people who haven't come out before to buy tickets.

it has always been a double edged sword...attendance is up the last few years, so who is to say the blackouts arn't getting more people into see the lions??? and if they do sell out, or get over 30,000 tix presold then i think they may lift the blackouts...but don't quote me on that one...hey, i am againts blackouts, and i still go to the games!!!

I have just recently moved to Alberta and it was so weird for me to see a Lions game at BC Place on TV. I am a Lions season ticket holder so I'm at every game in BC Place for the past 7 years. I'm lucky my company allows me a flexible schedule so I will get to see 7 of the 10 games (includes exhibition) this season at BC Place. I got to attend Lions games in EDmonton and Calgary as well so far and am going to Regina and Calgary again to catch Lions games later this season.

You have a good boss Lionbacker!

Sport, I sure do have a good boss. That’s why I followed him up to Alberta when he asked me.

Weather sucks in Alberta for the most part. Nine months of winter and 3 months poor sledding.