ok Lions fans, show some class now!

Ok, you won… it was a good game! don’t ruin the game by making childish, classless comments now!

How can they ruin a game that's ended?

Fair enough but it wasn't your o-line's fault as in they played poorly. They could play their best game ever and Cam Wake will still be all over Bishop.

Congrats to the Lions on the win. Wake was unstoppable. Also, Congrats to Roberts on getting 10,000 career yards. Next week should be a good one.

Like how he was all over Joseph in the Western final last year? :lol:

He was a rook and he bulked up his legs in off season so I say it again. The o-line of the Riders couldn't stop Wake in their dreams.

So much for showing some class... on beagle's or Mervin's part...

Sigh, amazing, isn't it sambo?

Well, I predicted a home & home split, (See Big Daves pool picks) And for the record here, I picked Saskatchewan, because for some reason (Especially on windy days) the Riders seem to have BC's number in Regina. Hope I'm wrong.....but.......


There, I showed you some class.


Thank you Ladies and Germs, I’m here all week.

Im disappointed Retri, I though you would have posted a hot looking teacher...

I wanted to but I'm at work and was afraid of what would come up if I punched 'Hot Teacher Class' into google. :lol:

Cam who? thats what will happen in Regina he will be a silent partner next game. Riders get there revenge big time!

Maybe he was scared jm02's picture would show up! :wink: :wink: