Ok Lions fans get out there!

Okay Lion fans we are not going to give up. Get out and support your team but please if your Lions lose be sure you use those white towels to cry in.
Time to foucs on your next opponent. Yes the Stamps will be hard pressed to make a good game of it. But you never know never take your opponent lightly. Lets get the discussion going here!

Im going to Van from Kelowna to see the game I guess I get to see Achilles Heels first start in the CFL. Oh and first loss as well.

Sorry Kelowna to Van otherwise I would be watching it on tv sorry about that

Stamps - 37
Lions - 14


Canucks 3, Flames 2

Hey RLR since your team is great why do you not play all your third stringers? :lol:

I made the trip to Van from Northern Alberta. I am a season ticket holder and this will be my first game this season under the dome. I can't wait.

Been to game in Calgary and Regina but looking forward to being under the dome with my fellow Lions fans.

Depending how Smith does for the Stamps as QB, I think the Lions will take this one. I would have picked Stamps but since Burris is out, the tables have turned. Maybe Smith will surprise people but I'm hoping not.

wouldnt it be in there we have a roof
also in RLRs defence CFL rosters are not that big to have 3rd stringers in every position... but good idea though thanx
Canucks/ hockey S U C K S rich kids getting richer

Great post 2005, glad to see someone getting the football discussion back on track! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Bobby P, if I see you driving the wrong way, that will be me flashing my lights at you! :wink: :wink:

Im going to Van from Kelowna
As long as you're sure you're not going from Van to Kelowna, or to Kelowna from Van, you should be fine... Besides, Sporty has your back ( if he flashes his lights twice, does that mean buy him a rye & coke?)

I thought according to RLR, they have been playing all their 3rd stringers all year.
Still better than all those 1st string Stamps....

I have this kinda queasy feeling..it's either food poisoning, or the Stamps are going to pull the upset.
I've booked an ambulance for around 11PM, Sat, just in case....

I want to be there, but I have to make a business trip to the OK. However, I am going to make sure I'm back in the hotel before 7PM tomorrow night. It'll be tough though, gotta go from here to Salmon Arm first, and that's a long drive...even the way I drive... :slight_smile:

Oh, btw...

Leos 33
Stamps 17

Sporty will be the guy that forgot to turn of his turn signal can not miss him. Bring Arius's credit card for the Rum and cokes.

Well I just hope your LEO's do not think this one is in the bag. But I would suspect a game wil be played and we as Stamp fans will get a chance to see what we have left in the tank.