OK Lets Vote for our 5 Most Valuable Ticats

Vote fro the cats that you feel bring the msot value to the team .

5 points for first , 4 for 2knd etc and I will tabulate the final score after about 3 to 4 days

Here is my List :

1 . Stevie Baggs

Yes, he is new but he is game changer and he puts fear in the QB's. He can run down anyone and he is a supreme pass rusher that never takes a down off. He is a Joe Monford , Cameron Wake type player .

  1. Markieth Knowlton

This guy is a turnnover machine . He has figured out how not just to tackle but to strip the ball at the same time .
He can block kicks , blitz , cover running backs and sack qb's and is consistant

  1. Arland Bruce

What can I say here . He runs great routes and has good hands and causes coverage issues .

  1. Garret Mcintye

A machine that nver stops ... He is like BAGGS but just not as fast . HE never gives up on the play and doesn't take a down off. Also great against the run and on specialty teams

  1. Jamal Johnson

A very feared player as he knows when to blitz and can hit as hard as anyone ..He can clock your rb or guard a receiver .

Honorable Mention :

Stala , Glenn , Floyd, Jiminez

  1. Kevin Glenn/Arland Bruce III: The team would not not be nearly as good without KG, and with ABIII big play capabilities I think if the Ti-cats lost this duo the record would be worse.

  2. Otis Floyd: Explosive power, and just because I love his machine gun celebration. :thup:

  3. Stevie Baggs: Although new to the team has made a MASSIVE difference with the defense, great attitude and great player all around

  4. Dave Stala: HUGE impact on second downs, I could put him in the #1 spot with KG/ABIII but I wont.

  5. TBD.

1 Glenn
2 Knolwton
3 Bruce
4 Johnson
5 Baggs

Not sure of the order -- nor have I put a ton of thought into it, but here's what jumps out at me.

  • Dave Stala (clutch performer plus CanCon is invaluable.)
  • Arland Bruce (a reliable threat, racks up big numbers)
  • Stevie Baggs (pure power, adds so much to the D)
  • Kevin Glenn (shows signs of greatness, Mtl game showed he can beat good opponents..still waiting for a big game win.)
  • Markieth Knowlton (versatility...must be a pain to play against)

Close, Jim!

1 Glenn
2 Knowlton
3 Bruce
4 Johnson
5 Floyd


Oski Wee Wee,


Too tough for me. The hubby and I were just talking about this and I challenged some of his choices with picks that I thought were just as valuable. Having too many to choose from is a great spot to be in though.

I'll give it a go anyway.... (not necessarily in any particular order)

Floyd/Johnson (sorry i cheated)

It's just too hard. Every time I type my list I have a few others I think should be on it so I'll hit submit and leave it at that.

That's how I would put it, with Stala being close behind in 6th.

1.Stevie Baggs
2.Arland Bruce
3.Markeith Knowlton
4.Kevin Glenn
5.Dave Stala

  1. Marwan "Hero" Hage - That's right while everyone is picking people in the "Wow" positions, my #1 pick goes to the best center in the league. To my knowledge, Hage has not had a bad snap this year, his blocking ability is instrumental to keeping Glenn safe and opening holes of Cobb (like in the BC game), he is involved in every single offensive play and the fact he has consistently headed multiple charitable efforts for this city is the reason why I'm planning on buying 62's jersey this boxing day.

2 Markeith "Pastry Factory" Knowlton - Yeah, it may not be his actual nickname but Markeith Knowlton but simply put, Knowlton makes turnovers. Weather it is stripping the ball, interceptions or sacks off of the blitz, Knowlton's turnovers have been instrumental into causing opposing offenses to stall. Markieth is the linebacker who does it all and is truly the Yul Brynner of our magnificent seven.

  1. Arland Bruce III - The man is the CFL's leading receiver based on reception yards, and the shame of the Argos. Arland Bruce is on par for a record season but it's not just his on the field abilities that earn him this spot. Sure you could play his highlight real, and it would be longer then an episode of family guy. You could talk about all the touchdowns he's scored. However the fact is, Arland's mere presence has raised the game of our younger receivers in Maurice Mann, Marquay McDaniel, Matt Carter and Chris Bauman.

  2. Stevie "Shakespeare" Baggs - Sure he signed late, but given that he helped lead the green plague to the Grey Cup last year, Shakespeare's ability to put smart pressure on the quarterback is invaluable. Unlike many Defensive Lineman, Baggs isn't perpetually sack hungry. Sure Shakespeare has his fair share of them, but more importantly he knows how to cut off passing lanes, to stop the run and how to contain, something that the Cats struggled with until his came on board. Like everyone says, his name is Shakespeare because all he does is make plays.

  3. Kevin Glenn - Can you really say with an honest face that we would have had this level of success with Quinton Porter at the helm? Heck most of my friends are calling Porter to be traded to the QB absent Winnipeg for something in return and start developing AT. Glenn is a veteran quarterback, and he has show to have the ability to run when needed, stay calm, use the pocket and he has substantially improved since last season. Sure he still occasionally over or under throws the ball, but it is experience and mental outlook of the field that earns him this spot.

Honorable Mentions
Dave "Sticky" Stala - For making all of those 2nd down conversions when Bruce is stuck in double coverage.
Jamal Johnson - Markieth makes turnovers, Jamal makes tackles. He is instrumental to both our QB pressure and run Defense and is our kryptonite to one Mr. Corey Boyd

IMHO, the most valuable guy in this organization is Bob O'Billovich. And, unless I'm mistaken (again), he's responsible for putting every single one (except Hage) of the names mentioned for this list, so far, in a Ti-Cat uniform.. While it's fun to make these picks, I'd rather not among the players, preferring to believe the team is where it's at now, because it is A TEAM, and each member of it has played, at least at some point in the season, a very valuable part.

RESULTS OF OUR POLL : 5 Most Valuable Ticats


RESULTS OF OUR POLL : 5 Most Valuable Ticats


I would like to wait to the end of the reg. season to pick. But If I had to pick now it would be as follows.

  1. Glenn
  2. Bruce
  3. Stala
  4. Jiminez
  5. Baggs.
  1. Glenn - without him we miss the playoffs unless A. Tafralis was given an opportunity
  2. Jimenez - Once he got in game shape Cobbs numbers went way up and Glenn's protection increased huge
  3. Bruce - demands the double team, simply either the best receiver in the league or in the top 3
  4. J. Johnson - great player adds to Knowlton's stats as does Otis - Great Linebackers insert any one of them here
  5. Baggs - given another 3-5 games he may have been on top of the list

1 Baggs
2 Glen
3 Bruce
4 Johnson
5 Stalla
6 Tisdale