OK Let's start the predictions

Ti-Cats: 27
Arblows: 3

cats 24 boat bums 6

Time to send that meat head Belli back to the butcher shop. 37- 17 Hammer. :thup: :x :x

That Belli is a weenie, time feed him to the Cats. Lets make hamburger out of the Boatmen.

Argos - 21

TiCats -12

Wet weather dictates a running game: Boyd will outdo Cobb

Well, theoretically it does. I've seen plenty of games where rain and snow equal DBs falling, stumbling, bumbling. Wind is always a bigger factor in negating the passing game, IMHO.

I do agree that the run game will be important. Toronto must lean on Boyd or I think they will be in trouble. For the Cats, a mix of Cobb and Thiggy in the two-headed monster can pay big dividends if misdirection and play action is in the mix as well.

Oski Wee Wee,


Not so fast there. . . Hamilton's defence was the best in the league this season in stopping Boyd. . . the Cats are the only team that Boyd failed to gain 100 yards in a game against. Just because it's wet shouldn't mean that the defence have forgotten what they did in those three previous games to shut this guy down.

So much for the predictions. :lol:

Seems he made minced-meat out of the Ti-Cats :stuck_out_tongue:

Had to figure at least one supporter of evil incarnate would show up here to gloat after that win was given to them.

Go Als.

I flipped a coin on this one and it landed on edge. Both teams were 9 and 9, both had some good games and both some lousey games. All in all Toronto has beaten more good teams than Ticats

Close, but no cigar today…

Sorry, but I got hit hard when we lost a regular season game. :wink:

musta_ bean counting_ on your F.A. kicker to boot 6 more field goals and two rouges Ney bob :stuck_out_tongue:

was it the swirling wind or just some passing wind :wink: :twisted: