well, the 25,000 for a pre-season game has got to be cuz of ricky. most toronto pre-season games are 12,000.

regular season is a different story.

The good thing about this is, of all those people who are there just to watch Ricky, 3/4 of the game won’t show him. But this people will still be watching a CFL game, and a few of them will become true fans, a few of them will become serious fans, and a few of them will become hardcore fans.

If you see a big plume of smoke eminating from the skydome... you know Ricky is there.... :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW .... friggin OZZUM (credit Rudds at www.cflzone.com)

The Argos are baaaaaack!

if u look at the argos attendance last year, they started the season at 30K and steadily increased as the season went on and finished 40K ( against the ticats )and had a playoff game of 45K.

so i think its safe to say WITHOUT ricky, they woulda had 35K for the opener. PLUS its against the ti-cats so coulda had 40K

so ricky only makes a difference of 5K for the opener and 10K for all the other reg.season games.

if 1/3 of those extra ricky people stick around next year, after rickys gone, then thats well worth it all.

on the argos jumbotron, they put a old picture of joe thiesman in argos uni. and the crowd booed, then they erased the 'A' on the helmet and the crowd cheered....lol

I just got back from the game.
The announced tickets sold was just under 21,500. But, there were in excess of 30,000 in attendance on account of season ticket free vouchers and various promotions via and this is good to hear and from what I was told being various watering holes in the city.
The Argos side was packed, being section 100 and 200 and a good few in the 500.
I stand by what I was told by my contact in the Argo ticket office of the actual head count in excess of 30,000+ who attended.

Oh yes, the Argos looked horrible, dreadful, amateurish, brutal etc.....

What a load of CRAP they were feeding you…I mean really, we all heard the attendance…AND…what with all the FREE TICKETS that were given out with the “vouchers”…I sure wouldn’t be bragging about Toronto support!

Anyway, let’s hope you can fill the place at some time this year! I know the Ticat’s fans will bring some busloads when we visit!

Now let’s just hope we can have a good Tailgate Party when we come to town!

good show Toronto! even though you lost.

they got killed....last place with ricky?

Their is the ARGO fan vest.Beer , REAL poker and great food. HAMBURGERS and a large drink $5 [including tax]

We averaged 28,000 last year , maybe 38,000 last year. Wasn’t it 3 years ago that HAMILTON almost folded? :roll:

21,000 paying for the first ex-game in TORONTO , is double what they usually get. 9 thousand more actually went so it was 30,000+ on a Friday night.

I am happy. :thup:

True and it bodes well for the season opener. Unless, this so called "performance" or lack thereof did not turn away the many RW bandwagon jumpers.
The ever climbing TV numbers should go through the roof this year and spike during the Argos games.

The people that actually know about the CFL and football in general , know that this was his first CFL game in exhibition after 3 practises.

People will come rardless , when it actually counts. Then we will have to see. :thup:

But unfortunitly some people are cheering for this to fail. That is just sad. :roll:

Man! Its great to have the game back. TiCats looked great in their preseason debut. Williams was held to 6yards on 4 carries. All the TiCat boys made the most of their opportunities. I can't wait for the next game. At this moment I'm listening online to the BC/Calgary game, the net is wonderful!! (Unfortunately for the Stamps, they're getting stamped on)

23 -16 I guess that is getting stamped on! Burris not in the game yet! Corely playing QB most of the game so far! Rookie O line are doing very well.

Exhibition games are not a good projection of how a team will fare during the season.

a hush falls over the crowd as burris takes the field down by 7...

back-2-back fumbles because of bad snaps.

And he fumbled ha ha ha

Robede just ate Jackson for a loss! Tom did not feed the beast before the game!