I have just heard from my Argo contact if the front office, how the team is already selling the 500 bowl section. Meaning the 100 & 200 are nearly soldout.
With a large walkup predicted, could we be talking close to 40,000 for a pre season game.
The Williams factor has kicked in big time. Remember last year, there were some 11,500 for the exhibition game.

Last year’s Argo home exhibition game was a sellout at 11,500…but it was in Halifax.

If you guys sell 40 000 tickets for a preseason game, I promise I will kneel before King Williams from my living room.

Yes you are correct, my mistake to suggest it was at the dome.

haha...king williams, too funny.

if they sell 40K for preseason, then i too am amazed....which could only mean, every argo home game this season will have more than that!

Don't forget it's a Friday night, the weather is predicted to be a beautiful, sunny 21C. Meaning, the roof will be open and dare I say again, the walkup is expected to be large, most from the business crowd no doubt staying after work.
And of course the RW factor.

Yeah Sure It's A Great Day For The Fickle Toronto Fans But I Remember Everyone Said The East Final Sold 40 000 A Week Before But There Ended Up Only Being 38 000 In Total. Heck I'm Hoping The We Can Keep A 40 000+ Attendance Rating For The Regular Season But I'm Not Expecting Much For The Preseason.

the east final last season was 45,000.

Yeah… RedandWhite sure has a lot of influence…

Third_and_Ten wrote:

If you guys sell 40 000 tickets for a preseason game, I promise I will kneel before King Williams from my living room.
You and me both Third. Unreal even if there are 30,000 there in the Big Smoke for a ex game.

But people in Toronto, let me get you in on a little secret, RW or no RW: Football of any variety beats the living heck out of watching a pitcher and a catcher throw a little white ball back to each other while every once in a while some guy standing in a batter’s box swings his arms and hits this large white golf ball. Football is hitting, hitting and more hitting, contact, physical toughness that is a true warrior sport, like hockey but more so even. Join the party.

Earl, you forgot football is also about strategy. Baseball must be the least stregical sports of all.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Football/2006/06/02/1611028-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Footba ... 8-sun.html[/url]

A good crowd of more than 20,000 -- the Argos attracted just 11,214 to their previous home pre-season game in 2004 -- likely will be on hand tonight (7 p.m., 640 AM) when Toronto plays host to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at the Rogers Centre in the first of three consecutive games between the teams.

it doesnt look near the 40,000 that argotom was saying....hopefuly argotom is right, and not the sun.

Third_and_Ten wrote:

Earl, you forgot football is also about strategy. Baseball must be the least stregical sports of all.
Yes, thanks for reminding me of this, very true indeed. Another thing that makes football a much, much better game to watch than baseball.

Earl agree with you, there is nothing more boring then watching live or otherwise a game of baseball. And this is from a guy who played it in my youth and did some serious and very competative umpiring.
As for todays game, Perry Lefko was on Global Sports last night with that two faced Jim Tatty. He said a "substantial crowd" would be on hand for the game.

You know argotom it's funny, I still play "baseball", in a 3 pitch league, just to get out of the house and have a couple beers. Not something very serious. And baseball is very good, you get people together and the rules just sort of run themselves, the game gets started, no one really needs to be in great shape, even in good slowpitch where half the time teams stock up with fat guys who just swing their arms and hit home runs.
But recreational touch football doesn't have nearly as many leagues or teams? Why? a) you have to be in shape to run around a football field way more than baseball where you are standing most of the time and b) you have to develop strategy and plays, things don't just fall into place like baseball or slow-pitch.
Which translates again for me why football is such a better game, you can't "wing it" nearly as easily as baseball.

TRUE , but ARGO pre season games at the Dome , have been really poor draws.
I usually don’t go to them , but I am tonight. :thup:

don’t you mean? RICKY " TED BUNDY " Williams :lol:

I hope that you are right , but that would seem a little high. You never know.

Here is another article that was most likely written yesterday.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2006/06/02/1611468-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 8-sun.html[/url]

sportsnet is reporting 25,000 for tonites pre-season tilt in toronto.

third&ten doesnt have to call him king williams...lol

I would hope that the Argos would be getting strong crowds even without Tricky Ricky. Obviously a lot of people will be there just to see Ricky ... but I hope most people are there because the like football, the CFL and the Argos ... not because they're jumping on any bandwagon.
Of course, what's good for one team is good for the CFL ... hopefully this momentum continues even after Williams goes back to the NFL. (I also hope Williams doesn't dominate the League, but that's another topic)