ok let's not panic here

ok so we lost to the esks,last time ilooked we were still in first,and now adding bishop with seemingly not giving up much i don't see any reason to push the panic button...yet. it says here we will soundly throttle the peg,and all will be well in gainer land book it!!!

Who's panicking?

I expected a split with Calgary and a loss in Edmonton. That is a tough place to play. They are 6 & 2. I was disappointed with their effort in Edmonton but it happens. Panic at 6 & 2, I don't think so.

Riders sweep the Bombers putting them at 8 and 2 and a good spot in hosting at least the western semi final.

Don't overlook the bombers that easily...with Gleen showing the form he had last year and Roberts finally waking up....they still have the potential to have one of the most potent offenses in the league.

The bombers should not be taken lightly. Surely they want to hand as a couple losses after our grey cup win over them last year.

I'm not overlooking the Bombers, and I'm sure the Riders aren't either. I still believe this team is a championship team and will come out with that little bit of added fire and sweep Winnepeg.

I believe that either Miller or Tillman did a little bit of panicking after the last game, hence the trade for Bishop. If Crandell had played a decent game despite the loss, the Bishop trade does not happen.

I agree 100%

But with as close as the west is we can't afford a couple of lack luster games. This move not only shows the rest of the team that if you don't perform there are people out there that will be brought in to do your job.

Maybe this will light a fire under the Bowmans, Palmers, etc

Crandell will be ET's scapegoat for a team who played very undisciplined ball and for a coaching staff who was out coached...perfect....
We are sadly mistaken too think Bishop will have better results then Crandell, especially if this same group of receivers plays with their heads up their...........

Well at least Bishop will be able to move around and open things up for Cate’s a bit more. Yes the recievers did not help MC out but he has put way too many in the turf.

I believe its a case of one doubling the effect of the other. Once passes are dropped the more prone Crandell is to throw balls into the turf… and the cycle gets more vicious as the game wears on.

That does seem to be the case Sambo but that also works the other way. When MC is not putting the ball on target the recievers dont seem to make the tough catches (except Dressler). I think this is where veterans like Grant have to step up and show these young kids how it is done and lead by example. Again it will help when we get Andy and DJ back too. I think we will be fine.

I think the biggest problem with Crandell is his mobility. With Crandell in the pocket, Cates becomes 1 dimensional and easy to stop. The offense has become so plain the last couple of games that I was blaming the offensive coordinator but maybe it was because of Crandells mobility. I am not sold on Bishop but he is at least a more mobile quarterback. I think Durant is still the future of this club and he should be given the chance when he becomes healthy in a couple of weeks.