Ok let's get started on the planning for the Argos

What a win! Beautiful!

Now on to east final next week.

Here are my initial thoughts:

How much of the Als blitz package do you think the Argos have been trying to implement in the last week and or upcoming week?

Let's go Gable crazy next week - run the ball at least 35 % of the time. It was a great final drive and we should try to nickel and dime the Argos to death the same way all game next week. Spread the ball around in the dome to as many receivers as possible.

Keep Ray off the field as much as possible. Time of possession will be big. Blitz Ricky Ray all night.

What say you my friends?

just kick they're arse for 60 mins. Sorry it's not what you were looking for but still to high over our win today.