Ok, it is no longer fun

I was liking our rare foot of light snow to day until it covered a bit of cement that protrudes from the side of out carport. Bam, 6 inch of badly scraped and bruised upper shin. aaarrrrgggg

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As we say in in Saskatchewan... Suck it up buttercup :cowboy_hat_face: :snowflake::cloud_with_snow::snowman_with_snow::mountain_snow:


I did, for 16 years in Manitoba. Worked outside all through winter. It was fun, at the time.

Well if I could not spend 3 or 4 weeks in the Carribean every year I would be hating winter now too

Stop Stop you are making me cry

Not from this year but.....


oh to be young again


when I was younger it could never snow too much for me. I always wanted more. Back then I could shovel mountains of snow and clear it off cars and push stuck cars, etc

It is not the snow as far as being out and about and driving in it and such. I have always loved driving in deep snow. It is the work it causes which is so much harder for me. Then I stress about how to get it down and waaaaahhhhhhh, Not to mention killling my upper shin

next year I will get a machine, still takes a lot of work to clear it of the truck though

I always did the shoveling and always hated it...but my driveway was always black from the asphalt and the walk way was always grey from the cement

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