OK, it does not take much but I am confused

First the players are called slackers, and that they will be playing for their jobs over the next few weeks.
Then we hear that Maas is third string QB for the next 2 weeks.
Kinda tough playing for your job from the bench.
A banged-up Maas is still better than Eakins or door #3.
If the QBs are getting their shots, you gotta believe it will happen for all positions.
Give Maas a chance to end on a high note with a couple more starts. I want to see what he has.
I want all of our best players playing both games.
I want to win.
I didn't buy seasons tickets to watch back-ups.
Evaluate in the preseason.
Is that what you call fan appreciation day, put out the second stringers?
Regular season is for the regulars!!

I agree B&G. Put the starting lineup on the field and go for it! If either game gets out of hand early, one way or the other, then take a look at the backups. We have gone through this before. Not sure if I can blame people for not going to watch what might turn out to be a controlled scrimmage on Sunday. Like you I paid a good dollar to watch a football team not training camp.

Maas is banged up and with Eakin and Williams we have potential guys who can do roll outs and pass doing so, Maas doesn't have the mobility of these guys. And I think you will see a more roll out type of offence employed here next year along the lines of what the Als do with Calvillo. I don't see Maas in this type of offence as he is appears lanky and a bit uncoordinated when I've seen him do this.

Simple.. lets see if our backups are worth keeping for next year.

sorry but Maas had his chance .Remember the 16 starts already?
How many more starts do you think he needs before he "gels"

Sorry to burst your bubbles but Maas has been a third string quarterback ALLLLLL season.

Does it really matter at this point if Maas or Eakin or Williams play? I actually rather see someone else at QB. Plus, you have a new GM that must see these guys play in a real game and not preseason or training camp.

"Give Maas a chance to end on a high note with a couple more starts. I want to see what he has."

Black and gold:

How many seasons do you need to realize Maas can't do the job? What has he done all season long that gives you any hope for the future? He is the worst QB in the league and is no better now than he was at the beginning of the season. I could list out the problems but its all so obvious. His positives are that he works hard and cares. He just can't deliver.

Wow mr62cats just change the date from Oct 11, 2006 to Oct 11, 1996 and you have the exact same sentiment for another TiCat QB.

We ran him out of town that year too and he went on to have an outstanding career in Montreal

What an historical decision. Yippee!!

I am giving this decision a standing ovation
right now in my computer room

and I will do the same at Ivor Wynne Stadium Sunday.

We need to find out whether to invite our back up QBs back.

It makes perfect sense to give our back up QBs
some game experience.

Jon Beutjer should have been so lucky.

One or both of them just might prove
that they are extremely capable.

How cool is that?

I am with you Ron. I really want to see both Eakin and Williams play. I for one believe Williams will be the better of the two.
I hope Jason really looks at this time to heal. I know he is and will be our #1 again next year. He will come in next year with new coaches ect and shine like he is capable of doing. pat_cat

Ditto what RFTT & patcat said

I'd rather find out now that we need to go looking for back-ups then during training camp

Well, as far as I'm concerned, we are looking at Eakin and Williams as potential starters now IMHO.

That's my sense of this decision, too, Earl.

The sentiment of the original post has ME confused.

As a Flex Pak subscriber, I was GLAD for life's small mercy of having used ALL five of my tickets already ... I had beared witness to enough BAD FOOTBALL to last a lifetime ...

With this most recent announcement, I now have to CONSIDER making the trip down to IWS ...

As a PROSPECTIVE Season Ticket holder for NEXT YEAR - I am ELATED (that is EXTREMELY HAPPY) to see a little FORWARD THINKING for a CHANGE.

As I had ALLUDED to earlier ... Maas' season CULMINATED with the Edmonton back to back series ... in those two games HE PROVED he was atleast worth CONSIDERATION for the starting job next season ...

The PLAIN, SIMPLE, FACT of the matter is there are 2 VERY TALENTED young men on the BENCH ... with absolutely NOTHING to play for the time is absolutely PERFECT for finding out what these guys have ... next year BEGINS this week.

From the BIG PICTURE perspective - this really is a NO BRAINER.


Bingo! Where have we heard this before?

I always thought in pro sports that all teams are suppose to play their best players while opposing teams are still in playoff hunts. Edmonton could still catch Winnipeg.
But of course deciding who the best players are in this situation is open to controversy.

You are Right!

You are Right!

AND...you are right...that is what this and so many other forums have been discussing all season...playing the best players! :wink:

There is a good chance that by playing Maas and Williams, we WILL be playing our best players.
I have NEVER been able to understand Lancaster's thinking in all those freakin years he stuck with McManus.
He is the most stubborn head coach ever, when it comes to changing his starting quarterback.
The only way he would make a change is through injury to his number one man. We've allowed a lot of good talent to slip through our fingers with this kind of thinking.

His philosophy stems back to when he was a quarterback. He hated to be pulled in favour of his backup.
Most quarterbacks are of the same feeling, but good grief! When it's time, it's time!

Blackandgold wants to see what Jason Maas has. Perhaps a review of the career of Lee Saltz would help to enlighten.
I hope for all TiCat fans that our two young quarterbacks do well against the Peg and BC. As for the big trade that cost us Adam Braidwood, let’s move on and find a real quarterback for the future.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

LMAO :lol: :lol: