OK is it time to fire Tillman?

Well a while back someone on this site stated that Tillman may get fired this year. And well this is an update to tha thread. Does he get fired very soon since he has done a good job or do you wait until the end of the season after they fail? Mike or Turkey can you answer this one for me please.
As a fan from an opposing team I say turf him now tumbs down! :thdn:

Oh yeah RW2005, I vote to get rid of him too! :lol: :lol:

How come no poll question?

Personally, I think they should give Roy & Danny a second, and third , and forth chance! :twisted: :twisted:

Heck sporty thats take up a collection and when I go down to Vegas in the next month or two I will give it to Shivers to come back to Riderland. I want Shivers back!

The Riders will do that right after the Stamps sell the team back to Michael Feterik and hire coach Q to run things.

What Feterik doesn't own the team any more?

Which team will get Burris because Kevin Feterik is the QB of the future for the Stamps :wink:

Shivers will fire Austin after he orders ET stickers with the slogan below them "Phone home"

:lol: :lol: Hey Kid Kevin would be a perfect fit for the Riders do you not think. Shivers could come up and help him be number one in those retro green jerseys that they should keep wearing. Oh yes Tillman goes and Austin goes to TO as Head Coach!

Its funny, there is a thread(now locked) in the Rider forum that Tillman should be fired if the Riders dont have a home playoff game this year. I dont agree with it-- the Riders are in 1st in the league, and are playing good football- which is exactly what he was brought in to do-improve the product on the field. In the home game vs the Esks when the power went out, you saw Tillman wave a Rider flag in one hand, and give the signal that his team was #1 with other. It was Tillman being a fan, of the league and of the Riders, it was great to see, but it was also something that you dont see from other GMs. I would go so far as to say that moment was unprofessional–but in a postive way. GMs are not robots, they are human and will make mistakes, just as players , owners, management and even fans will do from time to time. He is doing his job- and a damn good job at that-- if they could fire anyone right now, it should be mikeyboy for being a poor fan of the Riders.

Exactly but Sambo as you know there are fans on this very site that were ready to fire him at the end of the year. These being rider fans. Now I can understand if Tillman after 4 years of doing nothing for the team you would want to fire a guy. But after 4 or 5 games why would fans want to even mention this. Heck the box king took four years before we put a noose over the door of his office.

All I can think of is that those Rider fans dont really know what they are saying--they arent happy unless they are whining about one thing or another, so they jump on the first thing that comes to their head-- and for some it takes time to do that, so one decided to question ET's professionalism. If you dont like the guy , say so, but at least be reasonable enough to give him a chance to turn the Rider organization around- and he has done that in spades.

riders are having a good season, but what if they choke in the playoffs and dont make the grey cup? will the fans turn on tillman?

What the ____! I can't believe this thread even exists! The Riders are doing really well and should continue to do so for the next couple of years. You guys are blessed to have Tillman and Austin. Too bad they weren't given a chance here in Ottawa.

Go Gades Go in 2010!
Riders vs Bombers in Grey Cup!

you guys are unbelievable.

I agree with Swahgade..

why is this even open?

R&W2005 is trolling. Sambo knows who he's trolling for!

Sporty I am not a troll! This is legit. Sambo stated even at Riderfans.com they have locked a thread there as well of Rider fans posting on this issue. By the way sporty who would I be posting this for?

I’m sorry R&W2005 for calling you a troll! My bad.

I forgot you and Mikey were up close and personal. My bad for picking on your friends!

Forgive me?

Thanks Sporty that is nice of you. Yes mikey and I are board buddies. The guy knows what he is talking about and really one of the smartest guys I know on here.

...early friday drinking again I see rw05....

No but I should! But that would be bad where I am!

Theres nothing wrong with Rum & Cokes @ 9:25 in the morning...hic