OK I'll say it !

If we can't beat Ottawa on Friday, then we do not deserve to be in the play-offs.

If they don’t beat Ottawa, they won’t have to worry about it

Well put...I'm going to be at the game and if they not only win but win BIG they should hang their heads in shame and I'll have to cheer for the Argo's in the playoffs....death itself.

If the Ticats are out, I will become a Calgary fan in the playoffs.

Lets hope they can provide a convincing win, but just in case I have decided to cheer for Edmonton since I despise both TO and Montreal.


Have always been The Team I cheer for in the West … Hope the cats can do it but really screwed the pooch losing to the Boatman


If no Cats,then for me its always been Lions...GO CATS GO !!!!!! :smiley: :slight_smile:

Way too soon to be talking about back-up rooting interests...

Seriously guys? I hate this thread. That is all

As long as the Cats win, that's all that matters, whether they win by 1 or 50 points. A road win for our Cats is hard to come by. The Cats need to take care of business tomorrow. Then hopefully take it to Montreal at THF.

Only in HAM.

oops didnt see this thread. mods please delete the "worried" thread.

if we dont beat Ottawa my threat level will go from little worried to imminent threat to national security. :thdn:


You should have your mouth washed out with soap for saying that. Shame on you.

Worse than that he should be stripped of his alleged Ticat fandom. Henceforth, he is no longer considered a Ticat fan. I would not cheer for those blue jerks if my life (or our playoff life) depended on it. Just not in my DNA to do so

I think if the Refs are against us like in TO its turn out the lights the party's over, another CFL moment. :cry:

I think that assuming "the refs are against us" is a bit paranoid - especially when the team is playing the REDBLACKS! Just my humble opinion.

They are only favouring Montreal and Toronto...Ottawa has been burnt by the ref's and the league as bad as we have...I'm only hoping we can get by them and have a shot at getting even with Toronto by pounding Montreal and meeting them in the playoffs.

The refs are going to have a hard time favouring Toronto AND Montreal when they are playing each other on Sunday - unless of course Proulx is the ref and then we KNOW the Als will be favoured! :wink: