OK I got a problem with this

TSN during CFL broadcast directing viewers to watch the NFL

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How dare they advertise on their own network!!!!! BASTARDS!!!

You think they advertised CFL during the NFL broadcast?

And if they lower the viewership, they lower the payment to the CFL when this contract is over

Agree. It is wrong / shameful.

What's shameful about advertising your own programming?

Advertising football games to football fans? Inexcusable.


What is shameful is TSN promoting 1:00 pm NFL games on CTV during CFL broadcasts and rarely mentioning a CFL game is being telecast on TSN in the same Sunday timeslot.

It's also not "OK" for TSN to encourage CFL viewers during a game to switch the channel and watch the NFL instead, even if it's on another TSN channel or CTV.

TSN was also crowing the huge NFL Sunday night football game would be telecast on both CTV2 and TSN1345, etc. Bell is "pulling out all the stops" to promote the NFL.

The CFL game today was the best kept secret on television (and maybe thankfully so considering the matchup).

Did you just admit they were right with your last statement :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching CTV Toronto the other night and during sports they were talking CFL and in the background they had the NFL logo (shield). They screwed up something else also but really!?

You mean TSN had the audacity to follow the orders of the parent company and advertise its product? Must be a communist conspiracy.

Mention the NFL and xyvs suddenly appears and does his usual anti-NFL rant.

Reality is that CTV/TSN are doing their best to televise and promote Football on Sunday.
Do they stop all NFL broadcasts because the CFL has a game at 1PM? ;D
If TSN has an NFL game on TSN2, should they remind viewers that there is an NFL game on TSN2?
Should they remind TSN2 viewers that the CFL game was starting on TSN1 ?
The NFL broadcast on TSN 2, also had a reminder on-screen that the CFL game was on TSN1.

TSN and CTV are broadcasting the NFL Sundays this year.
I don't think that TSN/CTV or the CFL want a CFL game at 1PM on Sunday, but had no choice.
The great thing is that if you are a football fan, the CFL game gave viewers another choice.
How many people were channel surfing?

And how would you know that? You were watching the NFL instead of the CFL weren't you?

TRAITOR!!!!! :wink:

I don't really see a problem with it.

Quite often during Jays games on Sportsnet they have done a multi-screen thing promoting what is currently on other Rogers/Sportsnet stations at the time. They did it during Jays telecasts on Sportsnet One during the Stanley Cup Playoffs where they would say 'right now on CBC you can watch the Leafs - Caps, on Sportsnet the Sens - Bruins and on Sportsnet 360 the Blues and Wild.

And during Jays games during the Rogers Cup a few times a game they would promote what Rogers Cup tennis matches that were on other Sportsnet stations. In fact it was because of one of those promotions during a Jays game where they even gave the score of the Shapovalov - Nadal match that I knew to flip to that match to see the last set and a half - which turned out to be one of the sports highlights of the entire summer.

I likley would have missed all of that or at least a good chunk of it without that cross promotion during the Jays game. So I actually appreciated it.

Shocking. ::slight_smile:

Depends if it works BOTH ways. It they also encourage fans to leave the NFL game on CTV to watch the CFL on TSN, fine. The question is, do they?

Exactly this. They are promoting everything they air. Why the heck wouldn't they? That would seem pretty foolish not to.

As long as it goes both ways, and I'm going to assume it does, it's fine. I don't watch the NFL so I don't know.

It is sad that they would do that and what is sadder is the people that don't seem to care.

Of course CTV is going to promote their NFL games during football games. It is the ultimate case of the knowing your target market. i.e. - football fans.

It makes a heck of a lot more sense to promote their NFL games to football fans during a CFL telecast than to housewives during The Social or The View.

Exactly. They should be promoting NFL during CFL games and CFL during NFL games because most football fans enjoy and follow both leagues.

And this was not even really a case of promoting football, it was more like if you tuned into this TSN channel expecting NFL, then you should actually go to the other TSN station, where that game is being aired. And apparently they did the same thing on the NFL broadcast for fans looking for the CFL game. I'm pretty sure they do this regularly for whatever alternate programming is on their alternate channels.