OK, I am now officially joining the Rod Black is a dork club

he say SASK losing increases argos chance to crossover, when in fact BC losing would have done that. :roll:

I like to trash on black as much as anyone... but Rod has to promote toronto. TSN is tryin to make the argos interesting.

BUT!!!! i agree. hes a dork

its not about his promoting toronto, but his getting the implications of the BC/SASK game re toronto ass backwards.

i agree, ROd black is terrible. i love it when he says things like "first down BC! Look at the throw by durrant."

It took you this long to realize that he is a dork?

join the club. welcome! :slight_smile:

Black's best is where he says "there's a no yards penalty, add 5 yds on to that"


he needs to go, but you need to convince Mark Cohan as he believes he's great.

and you need to convince TSN.

Not to mention his constant mix-up of teams and players ( almost 3-4 times a Q ).

ex. The riders get the first down, on an amazing catch by lewis. :?
or. 3rd down and it looks like hamilton is going to punt... what a great kick by McCallum.

seriously how hard is it to get this right there are only 8 freakin teams in the league. :x

Absolutely incorrect

His BEST was when the Argos nails a field goal and he quips "The Argonaughts come away empty handed"


I have to say that this club is huge! Membership has to be in the thousands already... I was acctually chatting about it with Lowell Ulrich from the Province newspaper last week - It's not just the average fan that can't take him.

Two of my favourite quips:

"First pass in the air"

"(insert name of any player here) highstepping through the line" - and it happens 5 or 6 times a game... doesn't have a clue about football terminology!

I'm sure we could go on, but it is pretty futile.

I would run for president of this club in a second! His comments are insulting to anyone of even average intelligence. How does he remain employed?

Oh come on, he's going to look like a genius after the underground pass revolutionizes CFL-11!


LOL... i wish i hadn't been taking a sip of water when i read that... some came out my nose.. :lol: Just glad it was water and not pop or something like that.

Great line Tridus. Thanks for the good laugh :rockin:

Rod Black should stick to being a comentator for figure skating like he has in the past. He is about the same as Chris Walby was when he was on the air.

Black is an idiot, and when he's commentating a game, I turn the sound off. Forde isn't much better, he knows the game, but he has got to have THE most BORING VOICE in TV!!

The guy that worked with Dunnigan, Gord ___ is not bad, as is Rod Smith. Why not keep these guys in the booth and dump Black & Forde???

Totally agree.

Black would have trouble CC'ing two girls playing hopscotch.

Rod Black is pretty awful, the worse part is he'll call 5 yard gains short yardage.

and I've heard him say (this is why I don't listen to the tool any more) they're close to a first down, we'll see where the ref spots it when the gain was 5 yards past the first down marker, or the reverse, when the gain is no where near the first down marker.

If he actually said that .... then.... I'm at a lose for words. How does this guy keep his job? Go back to Figure Skating Rob. Though in the next Olympics I will not trust anything you say no matter what the sport.

OHHHHHH, could you imagine how funny (in a sad way) it would be if he covered the NFL. Thirty odd teams would blow that commodore 64 inside his head. ..... does not compute ....... does not compute ...... BOOM!!!