OK here we go!

I sat back and thought of a coaching staff of the meanest most heart players ever to wear the black and gold who are still young enough to coach or help put some much needed kick in this team.Here I go people!
(1)Darren flutie
(2)Carl Coulter
(3)Calvin Tiggle
(4)Jeff Cummins
(5)Mike Philbrick
(6)Rob Hitchcock
(7)Paul Osbaldiston
(8)Danny Mcmanus

These are players who when at the side lines can always be winners!Winners win!Some how try to get these guys on this people on this team in a coaching way somehow ,It will pay of in wins!

dear just do it, nice dreamer's list of coaches you've put together-let me just shed some light on it
if you don't mind.
darren flutie didn't want to stay in canada anymore, wanted to go to his kids and business. that's when he was playing, he won't come and be a pee-on assistant coach.
carl coulter seems to be the most likely of names to come and be the oline coach, he'd be great.
calvin-well,let's just say calvin is not cut out to be a coach-at any level.
jeff cummins has it good at acadia where he is
the head coach, would you leave a secure job like that to come and be a pee-on dline coach, probably not.
philbrick, if i'm not mistaken is a stock broker-and a wealthy one at that.
hitch, i could see him leaving his job onlt to be DC.
ozzy, guys like this don't want to become position coaches.
DMAC, well DMAC, is head coach material, not qb coach
as someone suggested.

hey, what about andrew grigg?
great list, it's too bad these guys can't be bothered being position coaches.

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Grigg?He Is good too ,I see him every year at the grey cup!Even have apicture with him and his wife and germain and Miles.Yes Cummins is University coaching but his team is losing alot and he had no doing in that and if the cfl was nocking on his door you never know! If Dmac came here flutie would consider coaching with him!With lancaster here and all!So what if he lives in the states? Alot of our team live in the states!These guys have hearts of gold and never gave up!Remember that!

Why do people assume that a good player would make a good coach?

History has shown that the best coaches are often fringe players and not the stars.

"Those who can do, those who can't coach"

I think part of this organizations problems lie with the fans. People in this city seem to have a hard time letting go. This is obvious by the suggestions in the thread.

It starts with the uniforms and then it leads to not wanting players to leave. The organization is trying to move forward and having to be knee jerk because the fans roast them anytime anything changes.

Thats so cheap! Only fault the fans have is supporting a team that doesnt gel!Yes Gel!Heart, effort, and knowledge is important! go ahead and blame the fans for not geling and not putting a good enough effort to win!Cummins is a head coach mister! Not you right?Ok then lets just admit we need a good amount of non whining apolasist!Yes someone who makes excuses all the time buddy!Thats a fact dream teams are the teams that are remembered not you!

I said that fans are PART of the problem. I don't think 80% of your list would even be interested in coaching.

Look there is a lot of frustration around here. And you're right this team not gelling is a lot of the problem. GHowever when you have dwindling fan support an organization has to use the kjnee jerk because in this city fans don't suppoort the team unless they are winning. There are about 14,000 die hard fans in this city as evidenced by the last 2 games. The rest are the fans that threaten with their dollars and fore the team to go through numerous GM's and head coaches to keep their butts in the stands.

If I see 1 coach get hired on without a successful CFL coaching resume I would be VERY suprised.
The one given is you MUST have CFL coaching experience to apply!

Hmm… Remember Marshal!Got coach of the year award with us!If you look at alot of coaches mostly all of them have played or were in the business some how!You need a the complete package of good coaching, a good gm people respect and a reason why someone would want to sacrafice thier time playing in the cfl.Good players dont play in the cfl for money mostly, its because they get to play more down here! All those players I listed,have won the greycup and have alot of exsperance to show to you also!Sorry thats a fact!

I think its time to stop expiermenting with rookie coaches and start getting some guys in here whove been in that position before. As stated just because they played well won cups doesnt always translate into success as a coach. I dont think most of these guys are even interested in coaching because if they were theyd be doing it at some level. Lets look at a list of CFL expierenced coaches and stop playin with these lists of names of guys whove never coached

ADAWG, I have to agree with you. Just because guys have played well in the CFL doesn't necessarily mean they'll be good coaches. If there's a lesson to be learned from 2007, it's that they need people with CFL coaching experience.

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Yah if ownership is truly learning from their mistakes as theyve suggested they will be compiling at list of veteran cfl coaches and gms and not making the exact same mistakes of seasons past

Good fpr those players that they won the Grey Cup. That doesn't mean they are good coaches.

Why is everybody scared to have a team that knows the cfl and are not a bunch of guys who look confused on thier best day?They say ignorance is bliss and you have to learn!

What about Rich Stubler? I wonder if he's happy in hogtown.

It has nothing to do with that. But you need to realize that just because a guy was a great player and won a championship doesn't mean he'd make a good coach.

How many on your list have actualy CFL experience. Cos right now we have coaches with none and everyone says that was part of the problem.

Again, just because they played the game doesn't mean they can coach it.

I think we have learned aside from the fact what have the guys listed proven to anyone they can coach pro ball. Sure they can play at this level but what have they down in the world of coaching to say theyd be a good fit in rebuilding this team. Sorry we are not in a position to be dealing with more rookie mistakes which yes they will make. What theyve done on the field may not translate into success as a coach. At this point in time its not worth it to even attempt another expierment with coaches and gms. Remember these stars are great athletes and may not be exactly the best teachers because things always came natural to them they are doers not teachers. We need a coach who has been there done it and assisted in rebuilding and working with young players not some former ticat great

I read that Stubler has been all but promised Pinball's job should he ever move on so I don't think he's leaving. Besides, I think he really enjoys coaching the bunch he's got now. The key guys have been with him for at least 5 years now (hint: Cat's management).

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every player on my list has at least 5 years playing in the CFL.I bet they all would like havin the honor of having thier name on the cup as a Greycup champion coach and a player!
Just think people!

We are thinking and there is nothing to say that any of these guys would be good coaches. Why is this so hard to understand. Caoching and playing are 2 completely different things. They might to have their names as Grey Cup Champion coaches. Doesn’t mean they are good enough coaches to do that.