Ok!..Here we go. Jeremiah Masoli's New Contract signing day. (Play by Play )

Enter Johnny Manzeil.

I hope they go after Brandon Bridge. It would be nice to have a Canadian quarterback in the Hammer.

How many playoff appearances or GC appearances has JM given us? He didn't do it this past year and don't blame it on Zack's 0-8. JM should have done it if he was as good as some of you are saying! He DID NOT !!

Really? After coming in at 0-8 you are blaming JM? A 6-4 record is not good enough proof? I have been a Zack fan, but don't under estimate JM's potential. Let them battle it out in tc next year.

I agree let them battle it out in tc next year. but a lot of posters here don't even what Zack to
be at tc. They want him traded,cut or take a pay cut(which he won't) before training camp.
He needs to be given a shot with JJ offence.

I don't mind if they bring him back, or trade him (if they can get any sort of decent return), or cut him (if they can't) and save the money to spend elsewhere.

I don't agree he "needs" to be given a shot with JJ's offence. That's for JJ to decide. He had him on the team for more than half the season, saw him in practice. Seems like he decided.

BAHAHAHA, he didn't make it this year and don't blame ZC? Masoli's record was almost good enough minus 8 games of the season. And he did quite well in the playoffs in his start.

No CFL team, never mind any 1 QB, has ever made the playoffs in a season where it started 0-7, never mind 0-8.

0-6 but not 0-7 BC Lions.

What we know we have in QB JM. Focusing on the positives:
Masoli is what i would consider in his prime for a starting QB in terms of age and experience.
He is a scrambling QB rushing for almost 500 yards and avg over 6 yards a carry
He protects the ball with only 5 INT in 391 throws. That is outstanding.
JM helped 3 Ticat receivers to 1000+ yard seasons
He won't break the bank to sign him.
Masoli has proven to be very durable over his career.

Surrounded by the right supporting cast Masoli can be a successful and winning QB for The Hamilton Tiger Cats.

The point is that while you are criticizing Zach for not finishing a season, two other elite quarterbacks in this league have not either. Both Grey cup champions.

I'm not sure why you are holding Zach Collaros to a standard that others of his position have not been able to attain in their careers here.

In other words, you're being unrealistic and trying to find a correlation where this is none.

P.S...Mike Reilly has only done a full season twice in 7 years.....

"2. Don’t agree that Zach Collaras has any pre-ordained right to the QB position in Hamilton as he has not in 5 years been able to complete a season while here. The position is not his to claim, it is up to him to earn."

Has anyone said that Zach has a "pre-ordained right to the QB position"?? There are those that may prefer him. And that's their right to say so.

Only the coach and management know or have an inclination as to who may have any lead on the quarterback position in Hamilton. It's THEIR decision to make.

Generally, the starter has the greater claim on the job.

His last name is spelled CollarOs.

Collar0 for the season.
I like that new nickname

I agree 100% with the above. There is obviously a bias towards Masoli by a number of posters
here. and thats ok, but I wish they would see a little more clearly on this subect and give Collaros
some credit.

I wouldn't hold ZC to some standard of doubtful relevance based on comparisons to players on other teams But I do note that June Jones, who knows more about football than anyone on this board, and who has seen both our QBs on a daily basis for several months, had a clear preference for who plays. His goal was to win as many games as possible, and he appears to have concluded that JM gave the team the best chance to do that. I don't think that supporting the coach's choice of QB constitutes bias.

First of all. The posters who I consider bias are blind to what Collaros has done in the pass and will not
give him a strand of credit what-so-ever.
June Jones does not think of Collaros that way. Many,many times Jones has credited Zack for his
abilities. In alot of press meetings he has mentioned that Zack is an excellent QB,an MOP level QB,
and would play well in his offence. Go back and check the meetings.
Jones at the begin of his take over had decided to use Masoli because of his mobility, and if he had
failed, Zack would had been in there the second game and would have played the rest of the season.
But Masoli played well and as long as you are playing well Jones will never pull you.

I beleive if Jones comes back, he will give both Masoli and Collaros an equal time in training camp
to prove who should start.
I'm not worried about what's going to happen at training camp, just the fact that some posters on this site what Collaros not to be around when camp starts.

That sounds like bias to me.

Cats have 540,000 reasons on why ZC will not be here come training camp.

That happens to be your opinion, but a Grey Cup win for the Cats is worth that price in my opinion.

Or shall we give him to the ARGOS and let them have the GC.

This decision should be left up to Jones if he comes back.

Your opinion like mine , means nothing to him.

Enough said.

By-the-way: Here are some Quotes from June Jones about Zach Collaros:

" He's a good player, and he makes us better" jones said " You're one play away, you've got
to have as many good QB's as you can. I'm a firm believer that you really have to have good QB's
0-linemen,D-linemen and corners, everything else you can find".

" Zach is a good player and he needs to be on our team" jones said " He gives us the best chance
for the FUTURE too."
" He's preparing every day, he's a PRO." jones said " And he's had a lot of input to me on things
to tweak and do on the stuff that I have." "So he's been a Big help."

These are only a few quotes from June Jones. I know we can't afford to keep both Masoli and
Collaros. But it sounds like Jones isn't going to give up on Collaros that easily.

So for you posters who think that Collaros won't be here starting training camp. THINK AGAIN.

Yes, JJ had been complimentary about Zach. And with good reason I'm sure.

Whether Zach will be here next season is mostly in the hands of management above the coach though. They are concerned with budgets and salary allocations in a way that coaches don't have to be.

You clearly think keeping Zach at his current salary is a good choice. That's your opinion. Others would rather spend that money differently. They are no more biased than you are, they just don't agree with you.

I'm ok either way. However, I do see more potential pluses in moving him and spending the money elsewhere, for example on increases for Masoli and Banks, plus some new blood in areas of greatest need. That's one of the things about the salary cap... You have to manage it considering all the pieces of the puzzle. Tying up $540k in one player creates a lot of constraints on your ability to manage it.

I also predict (that's not the same as want) that they will move him.

Please refer back to the "love" thread. JJ loves ALL his players and why would he ever say anything bad about a player. All players are assets to a team. Nobody intelligent would purposely diminish an asset. Instead of JJs quotes why not instead reference that ZC threw exactly 3 passes over 10 games while Jones was in charge.