Ok!..Here we go. Jeremiah Masoli's New Contract signing day. (Play by Play )

Not sure anyone is afraid of that.

Even JM!

I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed


You are facing one major obstacle to your plan. Players are signed to contracts before the season, not after the preseason games. Once again you will have $540K ZC, $300Kish JM and whatever is needed to get Johnny Football signed and to camp. Can't and won't be done. The only way Zach is in camp next season is if Masoli walks.

Anyone of them can be fired at anytime or traded, with no cost to the team. Zac and Masoli can
battle it out and if Zac wins, Masoli and his contract can be traded to another team.Visa-Versa.

It is reported that Collaros' $540K contract which expires after 2018 is "front end loaded".

This means that a large portion will be paid up front and due in Feb. and then a large portion for passing the physical the day before the beginning of Training Camp.

If it is going to happen,
I would think that Zach will be traded well before that second payment comes due.

Masoli is still under contract with us until he becomes a Free Agent in the middle of February

If thats true, I still don't think that Austin will make any rash decisions. He will have to make a
decision about the HC job first, then discuss the QB postion with the new head coach. I think
Austin still believes in Collaros so they still may want to bring him to camp more money or not.

IMHO. I'd rather have a Collaros of old, than a Masoli of new.

You do realize that Zach, in six years, has never played a complete season? His best was 14 games for Toronto, and for Hamilton, 13 games. And as someone pointed out earlier, this year he seemed to have lost his courage to challenge the defences, preferring 3-5 yard dumps, regardless of yardage needed, looking for the quick read. How many of those short, less than 5 yard passes when we needed 7 or more, did we see? And it wasn't just the O-line, he had Prime and Gable ("the best blocking back in the CFL") to protect him, which also took away the run game, and he still hung on to the ball and got sacked or rocked.

Posters keep blaming the O-line and the lack of a run game for Zach's abysmal year, ignoring that in most cases, when Jeremiah played, often half or more of the run yards came from Jeremiah. It was he who opened the game for the running backs and made the play fake credible, not vice versa.

Harp all you like, Jeremiah is a credible CFL quarterback. Maybe not a hall of famer, I grant you, but an everyday, get the job done or go down trying type of QB. He had, and has, a better record that Zach, and in my mind is the current first stringer. It should be up to Zach to dislodge him as our starter, not vice versa. Who got bombed 60-1 in Calgary? No other game score even came close.

Well written Palmer...I enjoyed the read!

You can blame Austin for all the 0-8 loses. He was calling the plays. He was the one who wanted
Collaros to throw the 5 yarders. He made it easy for the opposing defences to read our offence.
Sure Collaros was shell shocked. I don't blame him. Just because Masoli is a little more mobile
than Collaros I don't care. He still would'nt do much better than Collaros with a Austin offence
IMHO I would prefer a more accurate passer than a more mobile QB. With Jones's offence
Collaros would be much more successful and there would be alot less 2 and out plays.
Masoli gets one or two long throws in a game that is successful and they look like they could have
been picked off by a better DB. When Collaros throws a long one it is bang on target.

Remember Calvillo and the offensive line that protected him. Well the coaching staff that created
that line is just waiting to greet Collaros in Argoland.
And people like you are playing into their hands.

"For Heaven Sake Give Collaros a Fighting Change before you turn him over to the ARGOS"

I’d buy the “Austin called those short dump passes? if all receivers stayed within the 5 yards. But they didn’t. Austin would use 4 and 5 receiver sets, scattered all across and down the field, and still Zach seemed to look for Tasker, three or four yards downfield. I agree he was spooked, and took far too many hits, but I still have to wonder why Jones never felt confident enough to put him back in.

Jones’ run and shoot requires both QB and receiver to read defences. Maybe that was, and perhaps is, Zach flaw? Not quick enough with his reads to move through the progressions, so he locks on the short yardage guy and throws that quick out?

"You do realize that Zach, in six years, has never played a complete season? His best was 14 games for Toronto, and for Hamilton, 13 games."

And Ricky Ray has NOT played a complete season since 2011.

Bo Levi Mitchell has yet to play a complete season.

So, what's your point.

It's basically gibberish. The way the CFL shows the stats, if you dress but don't see the field, it doesn't count you as having "played the game."

By the same measure, Masoli has never "played" more than 12 games (including in 2017 when we know he dressed for all 18 games), and only in the past two seasons has he "played" more than 3 games.

Collaros' stats

Masoli's stats

This is all based on Passing stats. If you look at Rushing stats on the same page, the number of games played is completely different, with Masoli and Collaros each playing multiple 18-game seasons.

People use whatever stat they feel bolsters their argument.

But, Pat, if you dressed and yet "not saw the field" how can that count as playing??

Couple of points:

  1. Don’t care what Ricky Ray and Bo Levi Mitchell have or have not done. This discussion is about what Zach Collaras has or has not done, and the supposed “right? he has to the QB position in Hamilton.

  2. Don’t agree that Zach Collaras has any pre-ordained right to the QB position in Hamilton as he has not in 5 years been able to complete a season while here. The position is not his to claim, it is up to him to earn.

I have been saying that all along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(#2) That Collaros should be given the right to challege
Masoli to the right to be #1. THAT'S ALL I WANT!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ MY POST'S!

Zach can never say he wasn't given a chance--- how many losses in a row constitute a chance?

Jeremiah is the one who wasn't given a fair chance -- at least, not until Jones showed up.

Zach was Austin's guy, and Jeremiah is Jones's guy. That's clear, and the evidence points to Jones being right.


I will be soooooo pissed ? ff if Zack is traded to R-Goes before being given a chance in the Hammer ( yes a chance with a decent O-line) I will invest in a double blue jersey with #4 on back! Pure stupidity if Zack goes!!!

How many playoff appearances or GC appearances has JM given us? He didn't do it this past year and don't blame it on Zack's 0-8. JM should have done it if he was as good as some of you are saying! He DID NOT !!