Ok!..Here we go. Jeremiah Masoli's New Contract signing day. (Play by Play )

First some facts before the scenario starts:

  1. This signing meeting does not start until Jones has been designated as the new Head Coach.
  2. Kent Austin through the media has been known to have a raging h##d-on for Manziel.
    Unless Austin isn't here next year (and he will be) Manziel will be at camp.
  3. Austin holds the right to keep or release any player he wants. Jones only has the right to play
    who he wants.But he must prove to Austin that he made the right choice.
    Players in scenario: Jeremiah Masoli
    Kent Austin
    Bill Smith (Jeremiah's Agent, don't know his real name so go with this)

Scene#1 starts in Austin's Office:

Kent: Come in!
Jeremiah: You wanted to see me Boss.
Kent: Yes, Excellent final game you had my boy! Great Job!
Jeremiah: Thanks Boss, but it was a team effort.
Kent : You're right, but I am very happy with your progress.
So much that I have drawn up a new two year contract for you.
It starts at $125,000 first year with incentives that could total 200K.
Second year your base salary will be 175k with incentives.
What do you think my boy?
Jeremiah: Will I be the Starting QB this coming year?
Kent: AW, Well, possibily.
Jeremiah: What do you mean?
Kent: You just have to beat out two other QB's.
Jeremiah: I think I know who one of them is. Who's the other?
Kent: Johnny Manziel and of course Zac Collaros.
Jeremiah: you mean Heisman trophy winner Manziel?
and of course MOP canidate Collaros.
Kent: Yup! So you just have to sign right here on the dotted line.You can keep the pen.
Jeremiah: AW..Can I take some time to think about it?
Kent: OK...But don't take too long this offer only last until a week before the draft.
Jeremiah leaves the office.

Scene#2 Jeremiah at his Agents office.

Jeremiah: Hi Bill! I need your advice.
Bill: Whats up.
Jeremiah: Free Agency is coming up and the Ticats want to sign me before then.
They are willing to pay me $125k first year, and 175k second year.
But they do not guarantee me a starting job.
Bill: You played real well jeremiah, what are you worried about.
Jeremiah: I have to beat out Collaros and Johnny Football in camp to win the roll.
Bill : Holy F##K! You mean that #SS-HO$E Manziel and Collaros?
Jeremiah: Yup!
Bill : F##K that!.. You know that if you go into free agancy, Montreal,Toronto, the Riders
and possibily the Lions would be interested in you.
Don't sign anything, you can do better.
Jeremiah: OK.. Thanks Bill.

So this is how I see it going down.

With Jones,Collaros and Mr. Football

Any thoughts Masoli Fans?

More likely scenario:

-Before end of November, June Jones signs three year deal to coach Cats going forward
-After that, no idea

Cat priority #1: re-sign Masoli

IMO, if that fails, Cats will roll the dice with Manziel. There is no way Hamilton will be paying Collaros 500K, when they can use that cash to re-sign Tasker, Banks, Dean, etc. Collaros traded or cut.

Remember, Austin and June Jones love Manziel's skill set, and,like him or not,Manziel will generate buzz which will sell tickets.

You could have ended your scenario right there. That's the point Jeremiah would quickly turn and leave the office, THF, and The Hammer.

This is getting kinda silly... isn't he already making 230k per?

This would not surprise me. It was interesting how all the free agents including Jones, Tasker, Fantuz and Masoli had no Ticat colours yesterday during their press conference so already started the negotiation process.

However it plays out the cats trade collaros jones dont come back masoli leaves now what do u got be very careful ticat brass imho we have the best 1 2 qbs in the league. I dont think masoli is a starter or ever will be i wish zach gotta chance to run that offence

Just one.didnt he already beat out collaros.

Not a chance! It will all come out in the Training camp and pregames.

I believe if Jones goes south next year( and why wouldn’t he given the$$) then all bets are off with the QB situation. They’ll pay Zach his bonus, try to sign Masoli, offer Manziel the CFL minimum, then go to camp with the new coach, new system, etc. True open competition. If Zach tanks, it’s the bonus that is written off against the cap. Cut him and be done with it. In the meantime all the other teams have already moved on and signed new QB’s. Signing Zach would be disruptive for the short term for them.
Let’s give the guy a chance!

This ^^^ certainly could happen.

Also June Jones will be 65 years old in Feb.
He may decide to just stay in Hawaii and as he said " Go golf at Wailea every day"

Doesn't seem like a bad option

cmon Grover beautiful view but he can do that in the off season and on the bye weeks

Some people are blind. Collaros was given lots of time to show what he could do. He was an abismal failure. He made poor reads, was unable to drop back from the shotgun position, threw most passes east/west normally 2 to 3 yards down field, and was totally ineffective in rolling out or running. The biggest issue I had with the offense was why did it take so long to see that Collaros's best years were behind him. Mosoli is 'The Man'. Just need to tighten up the defense now.

Pretty sure JJ is only 61, As far as what the guys were wearing, it was locker clean out day. I am sure it has no relevance to their free agency. If Austin makes a offer like that to Masoli I hope he tells him to shove it.

Totally disagree! What are you baseing Collaros's performance on? The 0-8 games with a terrible
offensive line. Also his confedence was shot, because Austin had no idea what he was doing.Mostly
lousy play calling. If they gave him one lousy game to play with the improved offence (with a running
game) it would have been different.I still beleive that Masoli will never be an elite QB.
We will all see in next years T.C.

Collaros threw the ball east to west.... 2-3 yds downfield... yet Mosoli (as you would say) was the one that threw 42 passes in a game with not 1 between the hash marks.. And 33 completions less than 10 yards.
And we're the ones that are blind.

I don't mind the east-west stuff as long as it is not on 2nd and 6,7,8,9 or 10 yards. That was a big problem with Collaros this season was the 5 yard completion on 2nd and longer than 5.
Cats offense was very productive down the stretch. Masoli who used to be a turnover machine and had a knack for fumbling the ball at the worst time did a great job of not turning the ball over. This team can win with Masoli, save $$$ with him as QB, and keep the momentum we built rolling in the proper direction.
Unfortunately for those who prefer Collaros his time is coming to an end in Hamilton. I just hope we can get some value for him rather than releasing him.

Too bad we can't do what the soccer guys do, sell players to other teams.
Sell him to the Als or Argos for $500k cash, and then they take care of his salary.

IMHO.. I don't care how much a QB makes, as long as he produces and takes us to a GC.
I want to see all three QB's play with the current offence(Masoli, Collaros and Manzeil) which ever
plays best , he is the one I will go with. If Manzeil take us to a GC and wins it , then leaves,fine, one
cup is all I want.

So you are fine with minimum salary players playing every other position then? Not even close to being a feasible option unfortunately. CFL salary cap is around $5.1 million. if you spend 20% of this on 3 QBs you will have a very weak team.

You obviously don't understand what I am saying. I am not saying to keep all three QB's ,that's nuts!
But each QB should have to prove he is better than the other two through T.C. and pregames.
Once you have decided, then keep one of the others at a backup QB salary.
If you are afraid that your beloved Masoli might get beat out by Collaros, too dam bad!