Ok game day

Someone has to win…lets see how we can pick it with the poll.

I will predict that Kevin Glenn will come off the bench and win the game for the Bombers.
The Stamps Defense will be very tough on the rockie stater and he will go out after the first quarter.

I think the Stamps will win it… but i can see the bombers squeaking it out if they use Wynn.

Even Last Year The Stamps Had One Of The Best Defences In The League And Now With The Added Power On Offence With Copeland And Burris I Don’t Think The Winnipeg Will Have A Chance, Although The Same Could Be Said For Ottawa Last Week.

I think Burris will pull it off for the Stamps. I vote Calgary by a bunch.

Gonna be the big Blue Bomber! GO BB!!!

we will not start this season 0 and 3, no way!

well done gg both teams. great punt block…what was that TD celebration…The sleep sweep :mrgreen:
Ok we are 1 for 1 in predictions ( narrowly)

am I eating those words now!

…the stampeders didn’t really deserve that W…but then again neither did the bombers…probably should have ended in a tie for the sake of justice…