ok fess up.....

ok which of you guys think that Stegall caught the touchdown pass?

100% that was a catch! but.. if the officials say it isnt. it isnt, good job Riders.

i know every rider basher in the whole country saw it was a td they just dont want to admit it........

You lost…get over it already :roll: I already admitted it was a catch on the main board

Should be a barnburner in the PEG on Sat.

I posted NO, not because he didn’t catch it, he pretty much did. But Stegal pushed off badly on ED, that should have been called. That would of negated the TD if called. So poor officiating all around on that play.

It was a catch but his second one wasn't, so I guess it evened out in the end. Anyways Stegall pushed off on Davis, but you didn't see him crying about it, that would probably pushed that full time ***** Westwood out of field goal position. I don't know if he made that one or not put it would have been a punt.

Which catch...???LOL

The one that they ruled a catch was a catch...his arm was between the ground and the ball. The second one, both replays angle makes me think it was a catch, but what would a camera from the end zone would have shown?

Manage is correct Stegall pushed off, so it was poetic justice so to speak that the catch was incomplete. (I know...two wrongs don't make it right)

Had they ruled it a TD, I think there would have been a lot of angry Rider fans.....(Re the push off)

LMAO!!!...well I assumed he was talking about the circus catch since everyone agrees Stegalls touchdown ruled incomplete was wrong.

well i say both of the passes at the end were complete i dont know he had the ball on the turf Eddie Davis just ripped it out of his hands....

Even if it was a catch, the still would have lost by more then 2 Touchdowns.


Well, the riders deserved the W, but if that TD stood, its 38 - 32 with about 6 minutes to play, if anything it f&cked up what could have been an exciting finish to a game that was closer throughout then the final score indicated. BTW, it looks like Crandell might be your guy, good game plan with him in, he didnt try to do too much and controlled the offense very effeciently… we will see what happens next week as it looks like the stumpies are going to drop another one in Edm.

yes it was a catch but we all know that the refs suck in the CFL that is why the instant replay should be instaded but the cfl is affrid to admit that refs do make mistakes.

just like last week when daved supposedly went offside or O'day moving the ball before the snap.

To get down to it the right calls should be made that is the bottom line and the CFL can not get that point threw there minds

O well that is the way the games are played. Just gota move to the next calls (or non calls)

NO Doubt about it!