OK enough is enough.

What team dose, it's no secret that almost EVERY team is over the cap

This may be off topic but (since I cant remember) how did Bruce get into Toronto?

No, I do know for a fact that not every team is over the cap. And my original statement in the "who do you hate the most" strand was that the Argos are the worst and most flagrant when it comes to the cap. I have seen the numbers in Hamilton and they are right on cap.

I said that almost every team,not every

I have never seen anynumbers but I look at it this way

Which teams are letting the good players go because of high salary demands?
Which teams are snapping them up?
That might be your first clue as to who is respecting the cap

Argos are quickly becoming the team you love to hate this year, they are getting a bit cocky, like Montreal last year. all that high price talent should pay off... too bad they dont enforce the cap :frowning:
Interesting to see If Damon will be back for next game since they been relying on him heavy for most of there wins this season.

Well Bishop stepped up today and showed that he can lead the Argos for a short period of time. I'm not so sure that he's cut out to be a full fledged startet but a good back up none the less

Even though I live in the burbs, have to agree with most of the posts. TSN is definitely Toronto Sports Netwoork, but with the exception of the Argos. Here we are in the thick of another great season with parity like we haven't seen in a long time, so the lead story yet again tonight will be about hockey(yawn), the day off for the Crap Jays and of course, the beginning of the No Fun League camps. Meanwhile, the CFL TV numbers is second only to the boring NHL.

Last year's NHL season was the best that I can't remember.

I felt the same way about Glen Suitor the other day. Ive never heard
anyone backtrack the way he did after someone clued him in that
you dont need to feet inbounds on a catch.

How many times did he say, He's got possesion now, but look at the right
foot,... break to commercial......well he never had possesion????

Was it possesion with one foot in, or no possesion??? He11 i still dont

He didnt need two feet inbounds, not to feet.

I stand corrected "argo fever". ro1313 makes a great point. Which teams pick up the high profile players after they have been dumped. I am trying to be objective here and honestly, the team that comes to mind first is the Argos. They pick up the big names from the NFL. Look at hamilton's front four last year and now this year. Don't tell me Tim Cheatwood ( the leagues sack leader) went to the NFL and took a pay cut. He went for the money and yes, to play in the NFL. But he would not have gone if it meant a pay cut.
Half the cars on the QEW east are former members of the TiCats heading to their new team, the Argos. They aren't going because of better field conditions in the skydump. They are going for the money! period!

With the backtracking:

Suitor actually went to the bathroom during the break and never came back. So to cover it up they just replayed re-mixed versions of what he was talking about before the break.

A lot of you guys are ridiculous. Like how were Cuthbert and Suitor going on about the Argos. They were praising a lot of players during the game. What about Milt Stegall, they were going on about it him for a while. Ro1313 clearly despises the argos and is always ripping them. Give him some time to swallow the bitter pill of the Als getting their butts whipped by TO last week. As for TSN being biased and showing Toronto sports first, you could say that, but where are most people watching TSN from? Toronto. So its kind of logical

There was a blackout Toronto wasn't there? That means they wouldn't be able to see it.

hey hitman. Most of the people who watch TSN are living in the burbs ( mississauga/north york/scarborough/Oakville/Burlington/whitby/Ajax/Brampton/Oshawa etc) They work in Toronto but do not live there. My point? Do not lump the largest part of Southern Ontario into Toronto. There is the attitude I speak of, ( the logic that says that everyone south of Barrie and west of Hamilton, east of Belleville is Toronto), that those living in the burbs consider themselves from Toronto. On behalf off all burb dwellers, we do not live in Toronto. Toronto wants to be a world class city and it cannot do it with the leagues it has affiliated itself with. Toronto would give up the Argos/Jays and maybe even the Leafs to land an NFL team.
They want it desperately and only put up with the Argos to give the impression it respects the rest of Canada. let me tell you, it despises everything east and west of it.

Aren’t we getting a little paranoid now. Eventhough I do think they’d give up the Argos and I could care less about the Jays.

Not paranoid at all. observationalist. I see the cars going into Toronto from the east, west and north. There are more going in, than coming out. Toronto could not handle the NFL. What are you saying? Did you see how well they did in acquiring a new site for the Argos? Enough Said!

they pulled out of that deal. trust me, this city would do well with the NFL. But personally, I don't want it. Because it wouldn't just kill the Argos. It'd kill your team too.

It wouldn't kill the Argos because they'd be relocated by then.