OK enough is enough.

What is it with TSN commentators and their praise for Toronto.
If Winnipeg doesn't convert on 2nd, The Toronto D "stops them cold"
If Toronto does the same they "stall"

Allen just made a nice run but they have to give credit to Allen and Pinball and Austin and the mascot and the guy who sweep the floor.

Geeze I think Im gonna turn the sound off because its getting sickening

That's the way it goes. The pre/after-game shows are even worse.

TSN = Toronto Sports Network

Yeah. They originate in Toronto.
I've seen the same with Sportsnet and Vancouver
OMG. Suitor did it again!!!!!

Now they are crediting the Winn TD to the fact that Toronto's D is depressed over Allen being hurt.
Heaven forbid they credit the Winn O

...........LOL..........you do have a point...........

hey I live in hamilton. We are right next to the Toronto media giant. Nothing exists outside of Toronto. We cheered the day Toronto lost the Olympic bid. We would have never heard the last of it, even though most of the new venues were to be outside of Toronto. Wake up everyone west of Winnipeg, you do not rate or even exist to the Toronto media. You and I know the best part of Canada to live in is out west. Our little secret!

I do have to agree with ro1313. The last TD scored by WPG was because the Argos gave up on the play and gave it to WPG. WPG did not earn the TD and would not have scored it if the Argos had tried. We in Hamilton are so used to the TO media's bias that we just accept it as the way it is living next to the best city in the world; Toronto...said tongue in cheek and with much sarcasm....

During the Argo - Bomber game they spent they're commercial break talking about Allen and the Argos for 4 minutes. I would have been happier with some Wendy's commercials.

diehardticat - you've got a point.

SORRY PROPLE..........it is not the TORONTO SPORTS NETWORK.......since the majority of broadcasters are actually from WESTERN, Canada.

They didn't show the B.C. .....ARGO game........in B.C. , but they showed the EDMONTON and WINNIPEG............instead.

The ARGOS , beat MONTREAL and 3 days later , beat......WINNIPEG.


BUT , LEIF PATTERSON......goes go on and on about every one......I remember him talking about TOM CANADA for almost 20 minutes ,.....................one time.

We are alone in the EAST .........4 POINTS AHEAD of MONTREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

Don’t get too cocky. Montreal isn’t going to take it lying down. (They wont want to but might) and Ottawa is surging. You’re becoming what you hate. You Argo fans could be the replacement for the old AL fans

Oh yeah, and there's 10 weeks left in the season.

No one says they dont deserve respect. Its just that it becomes ridiculous after a while. When Allen had his 5-6 yard run they went on and on about it like he had just won the war.

As for the anouncers being from the west---- so what? TSN signs their paychecks

Well its nice to know that we are still the standard of EXCELENCE seeing how you always have to compare yourselves to us :lol:

Schultz was the worst during the pre-game, half time, post-game and even on the TSN website.

And ro1313, you might want to check the spelling on “enought”

hellothere, I definately have to give you full respect points for arguing that TSN's doesn't favour T.O. But I think you're going to need a lot more 1 missed Argo game. The CFL will never lead on SportsCentre when the Jays play. When NHL was on, and when it comes back and CHL only gets one highlight on the highlight schedule, it will always be St. Micheals every time. But I'll be open minded, but I am stuborn too.

This convorsation would be alot messier if it was TSN that was showing all the Jays games like Sportsnet

I believe(but could be wrong) that TSN shows as many Jays games as Sportsnet does.

Not as much. And even if they did at least they have other stuff for you to watch.

No I'm way off.
For the months of Aug and Sept
RSN 42 games
TSN 13 games

Hey Yeast#5. Just to add to your point. Wait until the NFL is back in full swing. Once training camps begin, they will take top billing over the CFL. Who got heat exhaustion at the Miami training camp will be more important than any CFL injury, unless it is to Allen or any other TO story. "hellothere" You are fighting a losing battle and since all of us in the east know that TO has no regard for the salary cap, any victory in my eyes is tainted.